Turnarounds - did I miss something?


You did not miss anything. The primary intention of variable turnaround times was to make the turnaround times more realistic and heavily dependent on the aircraft and service you use - even if the end result is a longer turnaround time. It will also make the simulation more challenging as you need to pre-plan your schedule if you plan to switch to a bigger aircraft in the future. It will also markĀ  bigger distinction between A320 and B737 fleets ... one can get you farther (B739) but the other one can carry more cargo with a shorter turnaround (A321). It will also offer new opportunity for low cost airlines who can get more utilization (and therefore reduce the pro rated cost of capital) compared to full service airlines.

A side effect is reduction of aircraft utilization rate, and through it, the profotability and rapid growth of the airlines.

Yes, turnaround times are longer than on legacy worlds, and my understanding is that was the developer's intention.

Not sure if I am misunderstanding op but. On my airline on quimby I tried to test using remote stands vs terminal unloading on my atr 72 and got no difference at all. I also tested cargo options and got no difference on loading times. Will test my cr 1000el next

I think this turn around thing is a disappointment. Cabin cleaning does not take 17 minutes for a turboprop..in real life a whole B737 can be turned around in 25 minutes. I have no service yet there's catering unloading...I understand this means rubbish but it does not take 3 minutes to offload some black bags. Takes seconds. Catering loading...what is there to load if I offer no service.

Really nice idea and I appreciate the efforts, but for this feature to really change things it should allow us to open the world of LoCo rather than saving a few minutes here and there. Even with everything minimum it takes nearly an hour to turn around a turboprop. As I said, a B737 can be done in 25 minutes in real life.

There is in fact a lot that you can do to minimize the turnaround times.

Catering unloading in a few seconds? I guess not. In reality it's not just walking up a stair and back down. And as stated previously, the cleaning turnaround times are not yet finalized and therefore on the longer side to not disturb existing flight plans once the times are changed.

The dynamic TA feature is just a first step towards a real LCC in airlinesim. Currently the demand side is also too rigid for operating a real LCC in AS.

And I can get my 737-900ER BGW to turnaround in CTU in a mere 34 minutes if I deduct the taxi in and out times (which in reality are also not included in the TA times, but for various reasons, these are included in the TA in AS). If I load bulk cargo and use the gates, I need 43 minutes for the same flight.

In this example, the cabin cleaning is the critical path and once this will be changed, the TA times will further improve. Yet I believe, you already have a few options to make the TAs more varying and dynamic.