Two New(?) Airports in Romania

There’s two new* airports in Romania this month.

The first, the old Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Aurel Vlaicu) is now serving commercial flights again, with some services to Italy flown by new carrier Aeroitalia as well as some charter flights and things. It would be nice to re-include it in future patches, without the demand level it has on the few old worlds that still have it, and with an additional prohibition of flights between it and Otopeni, which was not existing on the aforementioned servers.

Some sources for the reopening:

Additionally, there’s a new airport opening on Thursday, Romania’s new Brasov Airport. The airport is notable for being the first new airport in Romania since the Cold War, and for it’s ATC being remote. The airport is starting slow but there are several announced carriers. Its first flight should be this Thursday the 15. I post this earlier ish so in case there is a patch soon (wink wink) staff has time to include it. I’ll update here on Thu.

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Brasov is open for business :slight_smile:

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