Typerating B787 and maintenance family

I have a question regarding the typerating of the B787:

At the moment I have the following planes:

- Boeing 737 (all sorts, typerating 737)

- Boeing 767-400 (typerating 777, 767-4, 787)

- Boeing 777-300 (typrating 777, 767-4, 787)

- Boeing 787-800 (typerating 787)

Initially I had the idea that I had just two maintenance families. The 737-line and the 777/767-4/787 line. But when I look at the 787, it has a only a typerating for the 787 (and not the 777 and 767-4). Recently I invested in a lot of Dash-8 for the smaller market. Which resulted in a maintenance cost increase of three million a week. Which is strange, as the Dash's are all new.

So my question is: Is the 787 in the same maintenance family as the 767-4 and the 777, or is it a separate maintenance family? 

If so, this means I have, including with the new Dash-8 planes, four aircraft families in stead of three?

Looking forward to your answer. 

The typerating is the qualification of pilots and has nothing to do with maintenance categories. You can see the maintenance category of a plane at it's data sheet

You have four categories, with the dash five.

More than that. You currently have five maintenance categories.

737 (all types) = Category 1

767 (all types) = Category 7

777 (all types) = Category 8

787 = Category 84

Dash-8 (all types) = Category 23

The wiki gives a listing of the categories and the models that are included. It doesn’t include the 787, but everything else is correct. Find it here: http://en.airlinesim.aero/wiki/index.php/Maintenance_categories

Type rating only applies to pilot management, you can freely move pilot assignments within the same type rating, but that only really matters when you start replacing aircraft. Otherwise pilot assignment is a one-time consideration.

Thanks for the reply. Thats quite a business error I made there! :)

I think I will stop leasing the 767-400 (which I have only 1 from) and thus bring the amount of aircraft families back to four.