Unity Alliance

Dear Tempelhof members,

We are Unity the #1 Alliance on Tempelhof and we would like to support all small airlines around the world. Are you in need of traffic why don’t you contact us for an Interline. As the largest alliance opperating about 40% aof all traffic on Tempelhof we believe in doing the right thing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us ingame or via our own website www.lelytown.com



director Unity

[color=#888888][font=arial, sans-serif][size=2][color=#000000][size=2]Hello,

I am the CEO, a cargo airline in Saudi Arabia.

projects would have to charge?

I’m new to the game, and I want my airline grows up as the others.

Saudi Express


"projects would have to charge?" cant follow you on this one but to let your airline grow, make sure that the pricing and your routing is well done. Also check the OBS for more pricing information. As a Pax Airline CEO i have little experience with Cagro airlines. Maybe you should contact a cargo alliance on the server.

Best regards



I am CEO of ICX Air from Hanover, Germany.

I would like to change the alliance, as does absolutely nothing for me unfortunately.

I have a small business which is located on the northern market, specializing mainly in Norway.

Can I come and go in your alliance?


ich bin CEO von ICX Air aus Hannover, Deutschland.

Ich würde gerne die Allianz wechseln, da sich bei mir leider absolut nichts tut.

Ich habe ein kleines Unternehmen welches sich auf den Nördlichen Markt, vor allem Norwegen spezialisiert hat.

Kann ich in eure Allianz eintreten bzw. wechseln?

An accept/reject of current IL contracts with perhaps a reason or two would be a great start ;)