Unrealistic traffic based on slots?

Hi Guys,
I’m playing on Bleriot and looking to expand operations to Milan (MXP). However we have a Enterprise based there which has 2529 departures a week (next to all other airlines booking their slots) and for example between 08:44 and 08:45 → 14 (!) arrivals at an airport with 8 slots per 5 minutes (?)

Surely this is unrealistic and just makes it a farce as creating revenue at that rate could not be possible or am I missing something here?
I’m only an amateur at this but do appreciate realism.

8:44 - 8:45 are 16 available slots. 8 for 8:40 to 8:44 and 8 for 8:45 to 8:49

It’s reasonable for 8:40-8:44 have 8 slots and 8:45-8:50 have another 8 slots.

The slot question is as everyone else has said. Regarding the creating revenue it is completely possible. Ones you have a big enough operation direct demand is basically irrelevant. Most passengers will connect. I have operations at a couple of airports where there is almost no direct demand and I am still filling lots of planes. For example on Idlewild I have 25 787s based in Khabarovsk and they are all pretty full. A lot of passengers are connecting between Europe/West Russia and Japan, Korea, etc.