Update of gameworlds


In the news release about the update of the gameworlds it says AGEX business cycle index will be introduced.

Can anyone tell me what this AGEX thing is and what it will mean to us?

a short look at the development logbook should help:

AGEX - the AirlineSim Global Economic Index:[color=#1C2837][size=2] The idea behind this one is that AirlineSim simulates the airline industry of a virtual world. As such it only simulates a small part of a global economy and if this surrounding economy changes, it will have strong effects on the airline industry. In reality, there is a rule of thumb that a general change in economic growth affects the transport industry 3-fold, so if the global economy shrinks by 2%, in transport figures go down 6%. We don’t do it this complicated: The AGEX will simply provide an index of the current economic situation. This will affect passenger and cargo numbers and airlines will have to adjust on a regular basis. Each game world will have an individual AGEX curve, so if you’re looking for a challenge, pick a game world with a recession going on. If you want easy airline building but are happy to accept that the next dent will arise sooner or later, choose one with an increasing AGEX. In-game the index is represented like in the picture below (subject to change). [/size][/color]Important:[color=#1C2837][size=2] This feature will be introduces on all game world, including all existing ones. But we will make sure that the AGEX factor at the time of introduction corresponds to the current demand level of the game world. Therefore there will be a soft transition to variable demand numbers.[/size][/color]