Upfornt payment of the booked pax/cargo

I think that it would be way more realistic if your company would get money, once the pax or cargo is booked in your system, and not once the flight takes off.
It would make managing everything even more immersive.
Is anyone against that?

If thats technically doable its a good adition because its realistic.

Not against at all. Just wondering how the 20-year-old code will handle that, especially on the servers with 700 ppl. Agreed with Lucas in that regard.
But it also makes figuring out what flights are profitable a bit of a mess, since the + is spread out and the - is all at once. So a lot more mental math for the CEOs too…

Yeah i was thinking the same about it getting harder but as i couldnt think at that time wasnt sure in what way but now i know in what way. The game tries to be as realistic as possible and in real life its that way so i think it would be really good thing to have. About the code as we all know its old i think it would be a really good community project if some members of the team and people of the community would take some time and update the code a little bit and also if that requires starting from scratch but i think there is more than enough people here who can do that and want to do that. If that happens it will be a really good thing for this game in the future.

I am not sure it would be “more realistic” per se. Airlines receive payments from their customers immediately if and only if they sell directly to them, so for example through their own website. In all other cases, more or less convoluted revenue accounting processes that have developed over decades can lead to an airline having zero clue about how much money they actually made with a given flight even months after it happened. Obviously, that’s the other extreme and the majority of day-to-day cases lie somewhere in between. But since we do not have distinct sales channels (yet?), I think the “receive cash on departure” model of AS is a good compromise.

I consent with Martin. Actually the real Airlines demand a down payment at the booking time.