Upgrading Transfer Impossible Airport

There is a related suggestion thread regarding upgrading transfer impossible


This one serve as more generic suggestion, not particular to any country. As stated in that thread, the only way to upgrade an airport to make transfer possible is by sending information to AS why the airport should be upgraded. So this thread suggest to add feature to enable airline to invest on transfer impossible airport to make it transfer possible, allowing the airport to be utilized as connecting hub.

Since I am only familiar with my country situation, allow me to use it as example. I am fully aware that different places might have different situation. This only serve as an example and by no means to generalize a variable factor.

Please use following link as a reference:



Apparently CGK/WIII in Greater Jakarta area, being a big regional hub and heavily congested, without foreseeable development has frustrate airlines that one of them is big enough to invest in Jakarta's secondary airport HLP/WIHH which is located right at the middle of Jakarta. The big airline also planned to developed another airport BTH/WIDD, a regional airport in Sumatra, just 56km south of SIN/WSSS, into domestic and international hub for the group. 

Both airport mentioned here HLP (3000m) and BTH (4000m) are two big airports with good infrastructure in place to support growth and connecting traffic. Both are build by government and not by private airline, but government allow airlines to further invest and develop the airport with certain concession rights. In AS both airports are transfer impossible.

By using these two airports as example, I am not suggesting these two airports to be upgraded (although it crossed my mind to send email to support after this), but rather to show that there are airports like this around the world that can potentially be utilized by airline in AS should they were allowed to develop a transfer impossible airport into transfer possible one.

Hope this suggestion can make a nice discussion topic.  ^_^

At the moment the abiity to transfer is conected with the airport size. This one also has influence on the turn-arround times. So with the current system, we can't do anything to provide such a possibility to upgrade an airport. We do have planed to make this connected with an individual terminal as this would allow to separate between these two. Anyhow we do have to keep in mind, that beside all wishes to upgrade an airport, we have to keep the number at a level, the system is able to handle it. Each further transfer airport can increase the number of possible travel opportunities for the booking process a lot. And somewhen we will have the point again, the server won't be able to calculate this fast enough.

Please keep this in mind within the discussion.

Sorry for replying on this old topic. But is it possible to upgrade the airport on the old servers to the same transferrable status by applying the rule in which as long as the players don’t change their flight plans, the turn-around times will be the same before the upgrade?

I have this thought because if i remember correctly, during the transition period for aeroplane-route restriction, the schedule will stay valid as long as the players don’t click on the previous invalid schedule. Since the new servers already upgrade those airports to transfer possible, i would assume the old servers can calculate the new transfer routes as the newer servers.

This will also balance the old players and the players will like to set up a new hub there: obviously old players will probably have fewer transfer pax as the airport was not intended to be a transfer hub, so the old turn-around time will be severed as a compensate in case some players decided to set up a hub there, which may put old player in disadvantages. New players will have a more open market to set up new bases, probably solve the issue which new players find too hard to open a new airline on an old server with existing large competitors.

I never played on a dynamic turn-around server, so i don’t know the difference. but i guess it might be easier to apply to older servers with this solution.

Just some thoughts here. :smiley: