Use of Charts

On this sim one needs to guess the passenger demand on a route. On one other sim they provide you with a bar chart showing the total passenger demand on a route, your competitors capacity on that route and your capacity on that route. Another idea is to show on a pie chart, the market share of each airline at an airport. If you have any more ideas for charts please place them below.

Would be useless here, because you can generate your own demand by using transfer-pax. And such a tool would make the game boring btw. ;)

I don’t think it would be boring. I think it would give the game a bit more realism. We could aslo track our share at an airport.

You can already track your market share at an airport. Look at the airport’s statistics tab.

it would not add any realism and it would be useless, as I said, by using transfer passengers you can create a demand on routes where a market research would say that there isnt any demand. And if you have a look at real routes, you can get a good hint which routes could be profitable.

I agree that most experienced players probably wouldn’t need this feature too much, but I think it would help bring newbies into the fold. The easier it is to start; the less trial and error and frustration they have to go through, the more likely they are to stay an get addicted.

Well considering your ideas would lead to a perfect market situation, as everyone is perfectly informed about total passenger demand. This however would soon lead to massive price wars as everyone is perfectly aware of capacity allocation (no trial and error) and the market would shrink down to the most efficient players, as there is no space for individulization.

If you haven’t studied economics you might just want to take a short look at this concept and you’ll understand why more information means less fun for this game LINK

Your theory still leaves out several important factors, thus is overly simplistic:

  • Man simply does not learn at infinite speed

  • There will be no perfect market within AS, as geografical factors pose market barriers, thus creating an infinite number of possible local optima for the benefit function.

  • On top of that, not every aircraft can reach every airport without a stopover. The relationship between size and demand plays another important role

  • There is not only DIRECT demand and there are ground networks. The stopover possibility leads to a process called creative destruction, as new equally or supreme efficient ways are discovered.

  • last but not least, there is always the indirect arbitrage concept the simple market theory disregards: You may still offer routes below your own costs and rake in profits through another part of the imperfect market.

Still: I personally am against such a demand specification. It is one of airlinesim’s key factors and a very realistic “black box”.