Used market and ATRs

Did Airlinesim forgot to add any used ATRs to the used aircraft market on Otto VI?

Seems like none ever was available, unlike other aircraft types

I don’t have the numbers, so I can’t confirm it, but I’d guess it was just a very small number. In any case, it shouldn’t make much difference, as the delivery time is quite short for ATRs. The main idea of adding used aircraft at game world launch is to open up some more possibilities and maybe enable different strategic decisions thanks to used aircraft - it’s not meant to make everything available in endless numbers. Probably pretty soon some popular aircraft on the market will all be leased out anyway and it’s back to ordering from the factory and waiting…

I am aware of all this this, but it is just a nice way to build volume in the start of the game world. And it was plenty of other used aircraft in Otto VI

I guess they forget the ATR. For Example there was no Freighter Version available at Day 1