Variable aircraft production rate


Apologies if posted before but I couldn't find a related thread.

I wondered whether it might be a good idea to have some variability to the aircraft production rate to reflect demand (i.e. length of order book). There is currently a fixed rate which I assume is based on real world data. However, given that each server is likely to have aircraft orders that diverge from real word orders it seems sensible that the production rates would fluctuate (reflect a manufacturer increasing or decreasing production to meet demand?).

I appreciate that a few weeks to a manufacturer in the real world wouldn't make much difference with deliveries times often measured in years, but as a game it might be better to have a slightly more reactionary approach to stop order books getting too long?

The specific reason I raise this is that currently on Gatow where I recently started playing, there are some very long (to my eyes anyway!) order books with the result that if ordered/leased today, versions of some aircraft like the ATR72 and CRJ1000 won't get delivered until December.

Each user basically gets their own production line, therefore if you order now you will not have to wait too long for your first aircraft

Oh! I have had to wait some time before for an aircraft was delivered before and just assumed that there were people in front of me. Perhaps a 'next delivery time' on the purchase option page might be good as I assumed each order went to the end of the order book.

you get one aircraft delivered everytime the time given on the aircraft information page has passed

I would still prefer a single queue for everyone that adjusted based on Demand. This promotes a more competitive and diverse game-play where it can be a good idea to order slightly less efficient aircraft that will be delivered weeks earlier because you want to expand fast.

( With production numbers obviously balanced to reflect this and to reflect demand ).

That could also let us have alot of cool things like being able to order new models weeks or months in advance just to end up "first in line".

Nah, don’t like this, it is in airwaysim and people complain a lot about it.