Very competitive route is not booked?


I recently started AS. Now I am in the situation that I fly in competition with others a very long haul route.

According to ORS, I am 50% below lowest competitor prices, be the only one with direct connection, require only 66% of travel time compared to competitors and have a ORS rating of 99 whereas next competitor has 65 points. The competitors flights are ALL fully booked (at least for the next 24 hours). Ok, they may have a bigger network, but why I do not have even one single passenger on my flight?

Of course I am aware that people require some time to recognize my flight, thus I waited for four days to let my connection become known. Yet, even on day five there is not even a single passenger on my flight. Does anyone has an explanation?



traffic rights. you don’t have any

and before you ask what that is, please refer to the wiki for a very good explanation with pictures.

Thanks. According to the WIKI most countries permit delivery and pick-up of passengers. I think a route between China and Israel is included, as well.

Yet, where can I see that there are flight restrictions between two countries? The wiki (german language) is rather "brief".

you find the restrictions in the wiki.

most importantly: you can only fly to international destinations from your home country (counting the EU is national and referring to pax).

you can also see if you have rights on the route management screen. if there are two green dots, everything is fine on that route

Ok, I just dropped that one unprofitable line between Chengdu and Tel Aviv Ben Gurion and established a new route from CTU to Moscow DME. Again, there is not even a single passenger on my machine. Ticket price is 1008 AS in first class, travel time is 7:18 and a rating of 100. Comparing to competitors, there next connection is Paris (CDG) and Moscow (SVO) at a cost of ~2000 AS (first and business class mixed) and a travel time of >19 hours and a rating of 31, fully booked!

What is the problem with the passengers? No one traveling between China and Russia?

If the route will not take up within the next two days, I will return the Airbus 318 and stick with regio props, as it seems that I was able to make them at least profitable (a few AS per week).

first of all, if you name your airline and server, it’s a lot essier helping you.

secondly, longhaul is a very hard business. you need a hige regional network to fill your planes. 1000 regional departures is the very least.

thirdly, first class is a highly competitive market. very few, very bitchy customers. and I assume you have no regional network go support it. although pax book connections in a lower class on certsin occasions, the rating suffers significantly.