Very limited traffic between two 6 bar airports

Hi guys,

So in the past I started flights ex-KHI to various Iranian, Chinese and Egyptian airports, using a range of birds and at different times, but the traffic stays very limited and in most cases doesn’t even break even…just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues where between specific countries traffic doesn’t generate. Even for China with its massive potential and even 8-9 bar airports, can’t get even 1/4 loads. I’m assuming that between high demand airports there should be traffic without an IL. Is that assumption flawed?


I tried a start-up out of Fort Lauderdale (USA) a long while ago. A flight to LHR transatlantic - both airports have big demand listed but barely filled a 1/4 of the seats. It all depends if real world demand exists there. Bars help, but my hub is a 4 bar airport and it fills planes no problem on routes that exist in the real world.

when you look at


you can see the best routes going to VAE and GB

try it