Via flights in ORS

I mentioned this in the community support forum, but thought it might be good to move it here.

I'd like to propose following change to the way via flights work.

Make all via flight legs available simultaneously in ORS

Why ?

That would allow players to create meaningfull via flights. After all it is still supposed to be one flight, just with a landing enroute. Currently if I do a via flight LHR-KEF-JFK, the LHR-KEF sector becomes available about 6 hours before the KEF-JFK sector becomes available. That means that there are bookings on the LHR-KEF sector before the KEF-JFK sector can be booked, and as a result there are less seats available for the whole LHR-JFK flight which is the purpose of the flight.

Now if the LHR-KEF-JFK became available all at once, when LHR (or it's feed in Europe) books it would see the whole journey available and book all the way instead of 20% of seats to KEF.

sk, what do you think ?