Vietnam Flyer News


Vietnam Flyer is the East asian country's newest airline. The airline has already rapidly expanded its fleet and routes from it's main base at Ho Chi Minh aswell as a select few routes from the capital Hanoi leading to it being the biggest actively operating airline in Vietnam with a 19% share of the SGN market. We only have a 5% share of the HAN market but that will increase significantly increase with the new flights starting this week.

We currently operate over 18,000 weekly seats from our main hub at Ho Chi Minh with around 15% of the passengers connecting on other flights

We currently have a fleet of 6 Airbus A320 configured with 12 Imperial and 128 Citizen Class seats. We operate the following routes:

Ho Chi Minh:

Bangkok 1xDaily

Cam Ranh Bay 2xDaily

Can Tho 2xDaily

Da Nang 3xDaily

Da Lat 2xDaily

Hanoi 4xDaily

Hue 4xDaily

Vinh City 1xDaily


Da Nang 3xDaily

Da Lat 1xDaily

Ho Chi Minh 4xDaily

Hue 1xDaily

With the addition of our first international route to Bangkok, Vietnam Flyer will now start to be made known around the continent as more routes come on board. We plan to have Ho Chi Minh as the gateway to the South of asia and Oceania and Hanoi to be the major connecting gateway to routes into china.

In addittion more routes and frequencies will be added domestically, especially on the Hub Connect route between SGN & HAN


Today Vietnam Flyer has acquired yet another Airbus aircraft. This time we have acquired a larger Airbus A321 to operate on our high frequency HUB CONNECT route between Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. The aircraft is configured with 14 Imperial and 156 Citizen class seats offering a 21% increase in seat capacity per leg over the A320. 

In addition to upguage the capacity on the flights we have also increased frequency by adding an extra two daily services (1 early morning, 1 late evening) making a total of 6XDAILY flights on the route offering around 930 seats per day each way on the route.

Regarding this change the CEO said "We are seeing increasing growing demand for flights between the two Major Cities in the country. The flights are spread fairly nicely throughout the day (especially in our 4 growing h providing eamless connections onto onward flight with our interline partners aswell as our own flights. We have ambitious plans to continuously increase frequencies on the HUB CONNECT and dependant on the success of the A321 on the route, we may move all the flights on to these higher density aircraft."

"The new flight to Da Nang is operating in our early evening connection bank which provides ample connecion after a long days work as well arriving back to connect on to our late evening (2300 DEP) connecting bank where our first international route to Bangkok operates. Da Nang is another important route as it is central Vietnam's major tourist and business center located on the South China Sea. We are already in discussions with the authorities over increaseing flights, and potentially basing aircraft there for future operations"

Operational Changes are as follows

Ho Chi Minh - Hanoi A321 replaces A320 on 3xDaily flights. Sevice increases from 4 to 6xDaily

VF1009 SGN0800 - 0950HAN 320 NEW SERVICE eff12JUL

VF1001 SGN0900 - 1050HAN 321 replaces 320 eff12JUL

VF1007 SGN1300 - 1450HAN 320

VF1003 SGN1700 - 2320HAN 321 replaces 320 eff12JUL

VF1011 SGN2130 - 2320HAN 320 NEW SERVICE eff12JUL

VF1005 SGN2300 - 0050+1HAN 321 replaces 320 eff12JUL

VF1012 HAN0530 - 0720SGN 320 NEW SERVICE eff12JUL

VF1006 HAN0609 - 0759SGN 321 replaces 320 eff12JUL

VF1010 HAN1035 - 1225SGN 320 NEW SERVICE eff12JUL

VF1002 HAN1135 - 1325SGN 321 replaces 320 eff12JUL

VF1004 HAN1935 - 2125SGN 321 replaces 320 eff12JUL

VF1008 HAN2009 - 2159SGN 320

Ho Chi Minh - Da Nang Increases from 3 to 4xDaily eff12JUL

VF1037 SGN1700 - 1811DAD 320

VF1038 DAD1845 - 1956SGN 320


comments always appreciated


This is our current Seat capacity from our stations:



Since our last report Vietnam Flyer has acquired two more aircraft aswell as starting THREE NEW ROUTES in the country. Due to the increase in profits from our first Airbus A321, we have decided to acquire a further two aircraft to operate on our main domestic trunk routes. This has freed up two smaller Airbus A320s that have allowed us to increase frequencies on existing new routes as well start 3 new daily services to Haiphong, Phu Quoc & Dong Hoi all from our growing Ho Chi Minh City hub. In addition we have started a new daily flight from Hanoi to Can Tho.

Hai Phong is the 3rd largest city in Vietnam and along with SGN is the most important port city in Vietnam so our daily flight to the south is an important Business and trade link. Dong Hoi and Phu Quoc are more leisure based flights aimed at connecting passengers to beach resorts around them.

eff12JUL 13 are the following opertaional changes:


VF2032 HAN1705 - 1858VCA 320

VF2031 VCA1430 - 1623HAN 320

Ho Chi Minh - Da Nang service increases 4 to 5xDaily 321 operates 3 of the Daily flights

VF1035 SGN0900 - 1011DAD 320

VF1049 SGN0945 - 1056DAD 320 NEW SERVICE

VF1033 SGN1300 - 1411DAD 321

VF1037 SGN1700 - 1811DAD 321 replaces 320

VF1031 SGN2300 - 0011+1DAD 321 replaces 320

VF1032 DAD0600 - 0711SGN 321 replaces 320

VF1036 DAD1045 - 1156SGN 320

VF1050 DAD1130 - 1241SGN 320 NEW SERVICE

VF1034 DAD1445 - 1556SGN 321 replaces 320

VF1038 DAD1845 - 1956SGN 321 replaces 320

Ho Chi Minh - Cam Ranh Bay Service increase from 2 to 3xDaily service now 320/321 mix

VF1061 SGN1310 - 1359CXR 321 replaces 320

VF1067 SGN1700 - 1749CXR 320 NEW SERVICE

VF1065 SGN2300 - 2349CXR 320

VF1064 CXR0700 - 0749SGN 320

VF1062 CXR1430 - 1519SGN 321 replaces 320

VF1068 CXR1820 - 1909SGN 320 NEW SERVICE

Ho Chi Minh - Can Tho Increases from 2 to 3xDaily

VF1075 SGN1305 - 1338VCA 320

VF1076 VCA1930 - 2003SGN 320

Ho Chi Minh - Hanoi A321 now operating 5 of 6 Daily flights

Ho Chi Minh - Hue Service increase from 4 to 5xDaily A321 operating twice a day (VF1052/1054)

VF1059 SGN2100 - 2211HUI 320

VF1060 HUI2245 - 2356SGN 320

This now takes the number of seats we have available out of Ho Chi Minh to over 30,000 seats per week each way on 11 routes. The following graph shows our the percentage share of our seats we off between our top 4 stations:


Here is our top ten busiest routes by size:


We are looking now into having a sustained period of stability to let the new routes and frequency increases bed in before we decide to start looking for more aircraft to continue the expansion.



Today Vietnam Flyer announces the addition of TWO more A320 aircraft. One have these has been stationed at Hanoi to increase our services at our second hub whilst the other has enables to increase frequency on more domestic routes from Ho Chi Minh City. as well as the addition of two more evening HUB CONNECT services between HAN & SGN.

eff15JUL are the following operational changes:

Hanoi - Cam Ranh Bay NEW 1XDAILY SERVICE

VF2051 HAN1300 - 1443CXR 320

VF2052 CXR1515 - 1658HAN 320

Hanoi - Da Nang Service increase from 3 to 4xDaily

VF2007 HAN1800 - 1910DAD 320

VF2008 DAD1945 - 2055HAN 320

Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City Service increase from 6 to 8xDaily

VF1016 HAN2200 - 2350SGN 320

VF1014 HAN2030 - 2220SGN 320

VF1015 SGN0600 - 0750HAN 320

VF1013 SGN1800 - 1950HAN 320


VF2023 HAN0900 - 1006HUI 320

VF2024 HUI1440 - 1546HAN 320

Ho Chi Minh - Bangkok- Don Muang Service reduces from Daily to 3xWeekly - operates day 1,4 & 6

VF501 SGN1300 - 1418DMK 320

VF502 DMK1520 - 1638SGN 320

Ho Chi Minh - Vinh City Service Reduces from Daily to 4xWeekly

VF1111 SGN1300 - 1429VII 320 x146

VF1112 VII1515 - 1644SGN 320

We have reduced operations on these routes due to the not as high expected demand. Originally we were planning on dropping international flying all together to DMK but then decided on a u-turn to keep our foot in the international market. As well as the reduction, re-timing the departure from 2300 to 1300 enables more connections to be had at both ends with less transfer time having to be endured.

On our HUB CONNECT service we now offer nearly 18,000 seats on the route making it the busiest route in the country by a long way and provides ample seats for both O&D and for connecting passengers for onward travel. Whilst we are not the biggest airline at SGN by number of flights, we do have the biggest market share at our hub due to the use of larger capacity aircraft we operate.

Over the last week Vietnam Flyer has acquired a few more aircraft, unveiled a brand new Brand image as well as started our first regional operations.

To make our airline portray a more professional image, we have decided to unveil our latest, updated Airline logo that has been brought out across our network.


The Logo uses a deeper shade of red which makes our airline seem a classier airline to attract more business clientele.

In other news, we have acquired yet another Airbus A321 as well as our first regional prop – a Dash 8 Q400. Utilising the Airbus A321 aircraft we have started our first routes to China and Malaysia as well as further increased frequencies on existing domestic routes.

Acquiring our first regional aircraft has enabled us to start routes to smaller airports throughout the country that previously weren’t large enough to handle our fleet of aircraft.

The new routes and frequency updates are as follows:

Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh Increases from 8 to 9xDaily

VF1018 HAN0630 – 0820SGN 321

VF1017 SGN1405 – 1555 HAN 321

Hanoi – Hue Increases from 2 to 3xDaily

VF2025 HAN2215 – 2321HUI 321

VF2026 HUI2355 – 0101+1HAN 321

Hanoi – Chengdu New 3xWeekly Operation

VF401 HAN1701 – 1840CTU 321 346

VF402 CTU1929 – 2108HAN 321 346

Hanoi – Chongqing New 3xWeekly operation

VF411 HAN1705 – 1836CKG 321 127

VF413 CKG1920 – 2051HAN 321 127

Ho Chi Minh – Can Tho Increases from 3xDaily to 25xWeekly

VF1077 SGN1500 – 1533VCA 321 x146

VF1078 VCA1605 – 1638SGN 321 x146

Ho Chi Minh – Kuala Lumpur New 1xDaily Operation

VF561 SGN0905 – 1045KUL 321

VF562 KUL1145 – 1325SGN 321

Ho Chi Minh – Rach Gai New 1xDaily Operation

VF1171 SGN0605 – 0649VKG DH4

VF1172 VKG0710 – 0754SGN DH4

Ho Chi Minh – Vinh City DH4 replaces A320 route. Service increases from 3xWeekly to Daily.

Ho Chi Minh – Buon Ma Thuot New 1xDaily Operation

VF1151 SGN1355 – 1447BMV DH4

VF1152 BMV1508 – 1600SGN DH4

Ho Chi Minh – Pleiku New 1xDaily Operation

VF1161 SGN1700 – 1806PXU DH4

VF1162 PXU2300 – 0006+1SGN DH4

Da Nang – Pleiku New 1xDaily Operation

VF3081 DAD1945 – 2039PXU DH4

VF3080 PXU1830 – 1924DAD DH4


These new flights start to show our plan for both our Northbound and Southbound international routes which will allow ample connecting time to across our flights aswell as the multiple connection opportunities we offer across Vietnam. Also with the introduction of regional services we aim to provide flights that depart outside of the normal bank of flights meaning that the flights arrive and depart to connect with our mainline connecting banks.

 Due to instant success of our first services we will looking to acquire more aircraft to increases services on more regional routes from HAN & SGN as well as opening to new regional hubs at Hui and Da Nang. It is not yet known whether this will be under the Vietnam Flyer brand or under a regional subsidiary.