view connection passenger from flights

Hey guys, so I just had this idea about connecting passengers and I am not sure if it has already been mentioned or not. But when you are viewing your flight ratings and see the "from ext. feeder", "from own feeder", "to ext. connection", and "to own connection' section, would it be possible to view from exactly what flights these passengers are connecting from/going to which flights so we have a better idea which flights are good for connections or not?

oh yes, this has been mentioned a lot of times and with the current system it is not possible. The calculation of possible travel routes for an airport like Los Angeles results into millions. And this is only available a short time in the memory of the server. If this should be stored somewhere, it is simply not possible. Maybe one day we will find a way, but currently I'm sorry to tell the same answer like the last times this question came up: No, not possible ;)

lol ok, just an idea