Wanted: Airline to Buy

I’m looking to buy (through the stock market) an airline on Stapleton. It cannot be a US based airline. Other than that, I’m fairly open.

This is just something I’ve always wanted to do in the years I’ve been playing AS. I finally have an airline that has enough cash to possibly allow me to do so.

I have no hostile or nefarious intent. If you don’t want to sell, don’t. I’m not targeting any specific market or company or anything. I want to expand out of the US and fulfill my goal of buying another airline. That’s it.

This is a perfect opportunity if you want to quit the game or raise some capital for other ventures or whatever the case may be!

I have no timeframe in mind, and I’m going to be around as long as my in game finances allow.

So if you ever see this post, whether it be now or years down the road, send me a message!!

Thank you!

Just before you get stung, are you aware of traffic rights?

I appreciate you checking in.

I am aware of them.

Do I fully understand them? I guess not. I also don’t fully 100% understand the unrestricted market aspect.

Mind if I summarize my understanding, and you fill in the blanks where I’m wrong?

My holding is in the US.

Let’s just say I want to expand into Brazil. Just for giggles.

Brazil has restricted market access. So my holding cannot just blatantly start a new company in Brazil.

So I would have to buy a Brazilian company that is HQ’ed in Brazil.

My US airline can fly to/from Brazil to/from the US (and obviously within the US).

The Brazilian airline can fly within Brazil and to/from international destinations.

Is this correct or am I way off?

I think one of the reasons I wanted to try this so much is because I’ve never done it before and don’t understand it, so I want to learn.

Glad I asked because this is where you would fall down. The importance here is the Legal Home Country (LHC) of a Subsidiary.

  • As you said, you are based in the US, so your Legal Home Country and rights are based on flights to/from USA

  • If you open a sub / buy a sub in an unrestricted market (say Iraq), then the LHC would be of that country…and therefore allow flights generally to/from that country

  • If you open a sub / buy a sub in a restricted market (say Brazil), then the LHC would be of the biggest country shareholding. So if 100% owned by you…then the LHC would revert to USA and you would not have rights to/from Brazil (except to USA)

  • If that sub happened to be owned 30% by Brazilian airline “A”, and another 30% by Brazilain airline “B”, and 40% owned by you, then the LHC would revert to Brazil (as 60% is Brazilian owned), but you would have control of it as you own the biggest shareholding. This is the only way you will be able to have Brazilian Traffic Rights, using your US Enterprise

And with total respect for your airline. Why don’t you focus on conquering america instead? You have done an awesome job so far, but are still no. 6 in terms of pax per week? SFO and LAX has lots of slots left. Why not operate a hub at SFO, connecting to Asia? You have no flights to Beijing etc.

There’s a lot of challenges available for you in this current situation :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend,

Thank you both for the advice. Clearly this is an advanced topic I haven’t considered. Which could be why I haven’t done anything with it over the years. Thank you both again.