Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Wow, this must have been the worst imaginable point in time to start the logbook :)

After we’ve been hard at work to prepare some eye-candy for past week-end’s AirlineSim Convention, now all the neglected stuff pops up, screaming at us. So while I will be working off this non-AS-related stuff, output here will be low, I guess. This shouldn’t last more than a week though.

Anyway, some stuff got taken care of. Yesterday I mostly spent fixing minor stuff like spelling problems and the likes. Today I addressed the annoying issue that your account remains active in a game world even if you have no holdings left - thereby consuming 2 credits a day. Now accounts like these will be automatically disabled. This happens at the moment the credits would usually be charged. So when you delete your final holding in a game world it takes 24h max until the game world is disabled. More importantly, as soon as your final holding is gone you can rest assured that no more credits will be charged for that particular game world.

That’s all for today, sorry folks ;)

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