Welcome "Fly Thai"


To all of friends there,

I am pleased if you consider to sign interlink with Fly Thai under the following conditions:

1. Since our hub is DMK, no airlines, registered as whether local or international Thai airlines, are accepted.

2. Any purposed airlines must have at least one flight fly to DMK.

Then, I am more than welcome to sign interlink with you.


Mr. Ryan

CEO of Fly Thai


Hi there!

After I have learned that players  in this server can operate more than one corporation under one registered account, I thought this is not fair; I moved my A/C to Pearl. 

Sorry for any inconvenient.


Mr Ryan

Former CEO of Fly Thai


And why do you think that would be a problem?


As far as I see, if you can open as many companies as you can then it will end up with you compete with yourself.


Read the rules first please.

On servers where players are allowed to have mor than one holding

1) they have to pay for each holding additional 2 credits per day

2) they are not allowed to have any business relationship with each other. No Interliniges, no terminals, no stock exchange dealing.


Okay your answer can clear me up. Thanks

May I ask a question?

What are the advantages to build our own passenger terminals?


What are the advantages to build our own passenger terminals?



Hi rubioguey2000

Thanks for your links. Finally, I built one five-star passengers terminal in BKK.  :P

CEO of Bangkok Airliners

"Flying Comfort"


Waste of money for a startup airline


Dear rubiohiguey2000:

Let's say. Give it a try :D


Mr Ryan

CEO of Bangkok Airliners

"Flying Comfort"


With the minimum of 3 million it cost you to build a 5 star terminal you could have leased another 73G or 319 aircraft and expand much faster. Your choice.


At this very moment you have 2 aircrafts with 76 seats each which gives a total of 532 seats ( and maximum number of Pax) per week.

You have to build a Terminal for minimum 2000 Pax/week = AS 2.791.100,00.

You will safe AS$ 11,00 per pax = in case you fly an SLF of 100% this comes to AS$ 5.832,00 but have to pay additional staff for the check-in of 2.000 pax.

Happy bankruptcy.



I did reset my airline.

CEO of Airliners 

"Flying Comfort"


Don’t start building terminals until you have so much money you don’t know what to do with it, meaning north of 1 billion AS$


Thanks again for precious advises from you.


Mr Ryan

CEO of Bangkok Airliners

"Flying Comfort"


I would suggest you read this, if you have not yet done so




Just finished reading it. This is also a precious topic to read.


My Ryan

CEO of Bangkok Airliners

"Flying Comfort"


There are 42% of free slots on Meigs in BKK as opposed to 4% on Kaitak


Thanks for your information, now I added SIN for feeding my BKK hub.


My Ryan

CEO of Bangkok Airliners

"Flying Comfort"


Hi There;

May any of you suggest me how my airline perform during this time?


Mr Ryan

Ex-CEO of Bangkok Airliners

"Flying Comfort"