What about Ilyushin aircraft?

Hey. Why the Ilyushin IL-96-300 is not listed in the manufacturers list? It is still in production.

Currently it is not in production anymore.

It is in production. I live in Voronezh - the city where it is still in productionĀ  :)

Elychagin, AS would usually like to see some documentation. When provided, it will be updated for sure :)



I have never tried the Russian types yet. Maybe I will try the Tupolevs and Illushyns. Have memories of watching them land in KHI from Moscow, enroute to CMB back in 1990s :)

I have memories of shooting down polygonal IL-86s and TU-95s in an old air combat simulator.

We received the information among others from this page:


It seems there is only a production of the IL-96-400/-400T currently with 1 delivery/year. And the total number of manufactured and (civil) used IL96-400(T) is very low. So we decided to keep the I96 out of production for the moment.

Considering its fuel consumption, I doubt anybody would like to operate such plane. There isn't any political barrier just as in real life. So there's no reason NOT to get Western counterpart...

OK. Then what about Il-96-400 Freighter? Would we see it in AS soon? :)

Currently we do not have reasonable data for them - how many are in regular commercial service?