What do the yellow lines in a back to back scheduled flight mean?

Let’s say the flight says it’s leave at 11:32 and you set it at 11:30 and there’s some yellow there on the scheduler. What does that mean? I have a 747 that’s had decent outgoing number but pretty bad inbound numbers. I check the scheduler and it showed some overlap but the flights are still going and there are some pax still on it. Something happens where if every once in a while it’s all perfect then a flight shifts a few minutes. Anyway what’s happening during that yellow because the plane still flies and there are still some pax.

Means there is an overlap between both inbound and outbound processes, which in turn can and often does lead to delays. Delays mean misconnections, and pax just refund at that point, which can cause empty seats on the connecting flight.

It’s best to fly without the yellow, though a few minutes isn’t gonna kill you either. If you need to shorten the turnaround by force, you can use remote stand or remove some or all of the belly cargo.

remote stand? never heard of it. how much can i shorten a turn by?

Depends, really. On very small planes none, on 787s I’ve managed to shave 15-20 mins off. Hover over the flight number on the schedule, press the information I button, and find the options. Should be next to the service profiles.