What does the ORS Mean

Hi i am pretty new here i am just wondering if anyone could explain what the data i get when i do a connections search on the OSR means i have tried to up load a screen shot of what my search came up with and i found my flights and ratings i noticed some search results had multiple rows what are they ? 664

what are the different rows? srry if it may seem a bit daft but it seems im getting a bit lost

Hi there,

ORS locates connection from A to B not only via flight but by other means as well, such as train, ferrys or buses.

In your example there is a flight departing at 12.00 from Hamilton and arriving at 12.32 to Toronto. Then there is a connection (either by train, or ferry or bus) leaving Totonto at 15.00 and arriving to London at 18.13.

Each leg has a differnt score, and the last line shows the total score for the whole trip.

Hope this helps.


and that “score” is the ORS rating which in turn determines how your service compares to the competition and thus how many pax you’ll get.

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