What happened to Sascha?


What happened to Sascha? I have not seen a post by him in quite some time and he has not been online since about a month. He has not either written an good bye letter or anywhere said that he is leaving.



It was mentioned in another thread (the airline name change bullying one) that sk has de facto left AS and Marion has replaced him. It would be nice if the team used the announcements forum to publish such changes in the team.

it would be nice, but as ordinary user it might be irrelevant for us to know the detail of team administration.

If Sascha left the team, it explained why i got ​Johannes replies to all my tickets since this year and some last year.

Still, it will be nice to know what really happened.

As mentioned, Sascha has "de facto" left the team. There's no official statement because he hasn't left officially. He's just been inactive for quite some time. Please understand that the reasons for this are personal and that I won't discuss any details. Just to let you know: As far as I know, he's fine. Whether he'll come back as a supporter at some point in the future is currently unknown.