What happened to United America?

What happened? Part of me is really curious given many rumours floating around, the other part of me wants to know so I don’t tread the same path. Maybe someone from the AS team can give a short brief description?

Perhaps the CEO of UA quit because he was bored? Or his wife was that the CEO spent too much time with UA instead of her?
There might be hundreds and thousands of reasons for the liquidation. AS team will not comment on this even if there was some investigations happening.

well, previously UAB would make a statement if they deleted an airline for breaking rules. a short description - not in immense detail.

UAB ceased away.
You will never read or hear anything about this or similar cases. But

@highscore2 Are we not technically still UAB?

I don’t think so… I have no login data for my new account. (And do not want a new one, thank you!).

Oh yeah, now that the CBE account was killed without anyone telling me I can’t seem to find any login either lol. So we are now dead :D.

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Why have you two abandoned your old accounts, though?

As I said it abandoned me. One day I logged in and had a new name and my old things where gone. Anyone knows why AS didnt want me to be called CBE anymore?

I wanted to quit AS and deleted my account myself. UAB was dead long before that.

Guys, please - no need to get off topic here.
@ChristianPalsson Your old account CBE is deactivated, so you must have done that yourself at some point… ChristianPalsson is your in-game username anyway, so I don#t see what should be wrong here.

Back to the topic:
The user account of “United America” was permanently suspended and therefore all its airlines ceased operations. Won’t give any more details on this, I hope that’s enough of a clarification :wink:

A small wee hint maybe? Was the a glitch that was exploited?

And with that I’m closing the thread. The problem about explaining what glitches have been exploited, is that there will be copy cats, so no need to explain, and the answer of

is enough

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