What happens if I don't pay an loan/interest of an bought aircraft?

For accident, y was buy an aircraft, but the idea was lease… Now, only the interest is more then 4 millions! Its so much!! If I don’t have cash for pay the interest more the loan, what’s happens? The aircraft will be turned to bank? Or the bank will made a new credit to me?

I think the company goes into liquidation after being unable to pay one or two loan and interest installments back. You may wish to wait for CBE to answer as he did some tests with this scenario a few months back. Of course you will not be able to go into negative for too long time the question is how many missed payments will bring your company down. Thinking of it it probably could be three weeks, because of the staff payments. If you are in negative because of aircraft loan payments (I believe the aircraft loan payment can take your bank balance negatuve), you will not be able to pay staff wages, so you will get a maximum of two rescue loans to pay your staff wages, and then the third week is the liquidation.

Ok, tks so much rubiohiguey2000!