What if someone stops playing?

Hi all,

If was wondering what happens when a player just stops playing. So not liquidating his airline, but just stops paying credits and not logging in anymore?

Does the company, and so the flights, just keep existing endlessly or is their some sort of boundary of inactivity??


First, his remaining credits will be used up, since he paid for them and obviously we can’t simply delete him while he still has credits left.

Once his credits hits zero there’s a time threshold and his airlines will be deleted on all game worlds as soon as that threshold is reached. This is about 4 weeks (if I remember correctly). During that time he could still re-charge his account and continue playing.

Clear answer, thanks Martin!

So, this is still a valid rule? I have 3 other major airline at my hq, 2 of which went inactive almost  a month ago. And its quite annoying to combat 2 inactive player, and 1 active major player as well. :)

Yes, that still works the same way. Only trial accounts get deleted earlier.