What impacts turn-around interval?

I made an interesting discovery while trying out something on GATOW.

I have my regular airline on OTTO and decided to try out some theories in another world - I chose GATOW.

On GATOW, I set up an airline with the same exact plane, the same maintenance contractor and the same seat configuration, however what I discovered was interesting - on GATOW, the planes were able to turn around 20 minutes earlier than on OTTO, after landing!

My planes, with all of same aforementioned parameters, would need an extra 50 minutes after landing on OTTO. However, when on GATOW, the same plane needed just 30 minutes after landing to turn around!

My question is simple: Why is this so? What is responsible for determining turn-around interval? 

I will appreciate any input. Thanks.

Gatow does not have dynamic turn around times.

That means, on those older worlds, the TA time is a fixed value based on the combination of aircraft and airport sizes.

Sorry, I haven't been around for a while until September. What exactly happened? What is this dynamic turn around feature? what does it entail?

It's just a different game mechanic. On all old game worlds (Kaitak to Riem), turanround times are static: An aircraft X will always have the same turnaround time at a certain airport size category Y.

On the newer game worlds, you can influence turnaround times based on your settings: loading cargo or not, using remote stands or terminals, having few or many seats in your aircraft, by having different service profiles...

All things combined will give you a specific turnaround time each time.