What is the difference between the game worlds?

Hey Guys,

Just trying to figure out which game world to join so I would like to ask whats the difference between the game worlds? Is there anything special about any specific ones?

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well they are all pretty much the same. Devau has no ground transportation ( that means that people move around only by air ), and Idlewild has only new aircrafts (no old aircrafts). Pearls and Meigs are the newest servers so you can only have one holding.

You can start anywhere.

On older worlds there is less competition because of the lower player number but you have bigger companies which have been around for few years.

On newer servers there are a lot of competition as very many players are playing (Pears is almost always full 1200/1200) but most of them operate small airlines.

And actually tomorrow a new server will start where everyone starts fresh :)

Oh alright! Thanks!

Another question, if I just uploaded a new route schedule (brand new airline - just started), is it normal for my flights to have no bookings, right away? I have a A319 with economy seats - flights leaving at around 2-3 oclock and stuff like that - good service profile. Is this normal for at least the first few days? Can you please give me any tips or pointers? Thanks - Max

Well the demand is calculated once a day so you may see bookings only after calculation is done. To see when the calculations are done go to airport page and look for "Demand Calculation". Flights are booked only three days in advance so if u do not get any bookings after three days you should delete that route.