What is the new ORS? When is next server?

What is the new ORS system? On the newest server there are already people with over 100 aircraft. Seems like nothing is different. What’s changed and when is the next server? I want to be better able to survive the next startup.

The next server is unannounced, but if tradition follows it will be launched on or soon after when Yeager VI ends on December 20. Although, given the date, there might or might not be a new long term world. Cannot guess too much, as ASTD will surely be looming over the horizon soon. (We were told to expect an announcement soon about this anyway).

The new ORS is not that “new” and has been in principal use since 2019. Compared to the old system, it places a higher emphasis on price and less emphasis on pure ORS service rating to rank options in the ORS, which is used to determine how flights fill based on the demand bases.

I can give you some tips if you want to start the next server on a decent footing:

Do not start in the US, China, or EU - unless you really can, and want, to fight.
Focus on more short and medium-haul networks with multiple midsized planes. Do not just get a 777, and do not get tons of tiny fodder that will not make decent profits. Make sure the planes are utilized well but maintenance is still occuring.
Aim for a middle-ground service, and don’t tinker with prices too much (at least at the beginning, if you do not know what you are doing in that dept).
Keep an eye on your competition. It might be beneficial to sign one or two partnerships in your hub, but remember this is a competition, so you do not want to be helping EVERYONE. Be selective in your other ILs too. You could consider an alliance to form a community and also keep you motivated long-term.
Remember the game is slow and exponential - so at first, it will feel like forever. Be patient, as long as the flights fill and you are making a profit weekly you are on your way. And if you need help, ask around! This community is (mostly) really nice and willing to help.

Check out some of the resources available to you! The handbook, the Yukawa guide, the ASRM tutorial, Pinto’s series on YT… some will be outdated but you will grasp the concepts well.

What kind of profit margins are people shooting for? I’ve been working to keep my ORS rating pretty high. Comfort seats for economy and long range recliners for business. Does first class still not exist like back in the day? I use to do this in 2010 or so but got worn out.

  • Profit margins depends on way too many factors. The newer ORS comparably has lower margins though. Double digits is a noble start aim.
  • Those seats might be good or not, but I would need a bit more context to derive, the length desired and the aircraft model itself. Usually, you do not need to overkill to fill seats at default pricing. Although, with higher seats and service, you can get away with higher prices. Whether that is better or not, is up to you.
  • First class definitely exists. You should be able to add it in any cabin editor screen - all flights flown on planes with first class will offer first class. A good thing to note, is that if there’s only first class for part of the segment, passengers can downgrade to business class for the other part in one ticket. But while first class has less competition, the severely lower demand base for the first class means it might not prove easy to fill.

I’m averaging 40% but didn’t know how that compares to others. I’m not running an airline mill with basic seats at crazy prices

I run my fleet between 30% on short routes up to 60-80% on long haul routes, just because I don’t have time to micromanage my flight prices. If you take the time to fine tune and price routes you can make more or if you choose the wrong aircraft or wrong maintenance provider you can eat into your profit. Some micromanage and spend hours every day on the game. Some play short times every day and grow and don’t micromanage too much, others play a few hours a week and get what they can get done during that time. So playing strategies change with that.

I just don’t see how there’s most with relatively same size fleets then people with 130 aircraft. One of them was an alliance partner who was nice enough to tell me he likes my base, cancelled our agreement, and is now planning to operate 1500 flights from it very soon. Kinda squanders things. Are people just slamming slim seats in and charging business class pricing to get a big jump early?

My OSR in economy between standard and leisure plus seating on many routes only change 2-3 points. I haven’t used slim seats but if you have no comp on routes I’d assume that you’d maybe loose 2-3 more OSR to get more seats in eco and charge a premium just because you have more OSR to lose before getting into turboprop OSR range. Same with business class. I think leisure or leisure plus is the smallest seats you can use because it gives one green on 500 mile routes plus a premium pricing due to no competition. Some people play realistically and use seating closer to real airlines some use route specific seating with the smallest seat’s possible and others create routes with 99-100 OSR