What is the secret?

Sorry I am new (just few months) to this game. While I have been growing pretty successfuly so far, my competition has been growing leaps and bounds. I am squeezing every penny to order a plane every 2-3 days , he/she is adding 5-6 every day.

My question is, what is the secret to this level of success ? I am in Wright (brothers) world.


  • Connections
  • Experience (due to the game been mostly about trial and error
  • RESEARCH! Not only what real world routes exist and are successful, but in game as well. You can see what the stronger players have done and are doing by putting in time and effort. This helped me out a lot. You can visit different game worlds and check successful routes from your hub. You can see who’s the biggest operator of an aircraft type, then figure out their seat config, you can see pricing structures etc etc
  • Never ever ever buying an aircraft until your experienced enough to know when is a good idea, and generally still don’t then
  • Been organised, most pro players have built themselves one or multiple excel sheets to make them more efficient

List item


It’s all about putting in the time and learning as you go. I played the game for a year before I had my first airline even be remotely successful. Also patience is key, constantly resetting and starting over can be tempting, but success and expansion doesn’t just happen right away.

How do you see competitors seat config?

Fleet list and then guessing.

So there is no way to find that out. The first reply sounded that there is one.


There is a way. If you know how to read the numbers, you can figure it out by creating test configurations. On older worlds, it is very easy as everybody is using the same seats.

Hey there!
There’s a way to find out your competitors seat configuration:

  • Click on "Database
  • Then click on" Fleet Lists"
  • Choose the country you’re hub is (or whatever other country you want to find out)
    -It will show you all aircraft types operating in that country that have hubs there. There you’ll find seat configuration of your competition and your fleet as well.

Hope this helps!


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Yeah, if you go to fleet list in data bases it gives you the detailed seat configuration including delivery date: