What is your longest route?

Since I started a DME-AKL on a 77L route which at 16,200km is 2,400 km longer than SYD-DFW, which is the longest active real-world scheduled passenger flight, it got me thinking...what is *your* longest route that isn't burning money?

I am sure one will be SYD-LHR which is 490 km longer than DME-AKL, therefore I know there is at least one longer flight than mine.

I have no long haul flights. I have quite a new airline and I have never been intrested in going long haul. I have about a fleet of 70 Saabs and CRJ. My longest flight has been GOT-IST but I do not operate it anymore as I found a bettre route to put the aircraft on. I would say my longest at the moment is ARN-BFS, ARN-MMK or GOT-DUB. I am planning to have long haul routes by the end of the year. I think my longest then will be ARN-LAX.


Turin - Buenos Aires | 11.019km

Flying that route with a Boeing 767-300ER, equipped with recliner shorthaul in Economy and Full Bed in Business Class. Plane absolutely at it's limits but +50% margin  :D

Longer and still profitable routes from TRN only possible to Australia & New-Zealand or Hawaii

DEN-JNB, 15.382 km, with a 747-8 ... 52,7% performance rating and needs 176.408 l fuel. 

DEN-TPE, 767-300ER, 11412km, 13:51h.

IAD-SIN, 787-8, 15,579 km. Clocks in at 17:32 hr flight.

Nothing too long, just WUH - ATL at 12,648 km and 14:19 on my 787-9. At 84.7% but very profitable :D as I only have 161 comfort plus, 25 full bed wide and 8 luxury suites. The first class though is almost empty

SIN-JFK was longest real world route before Singapore Airlines has cancelled it. I just made it, for now I earn half million per flight, and I am still changing prices to higher ones. :)

BNE - CDG at 16519 km with flight time of 18h 59. With my A340-500.

PPT-CDG (Papeete Tahiti - Paris CDG) 15.656km once a week on my B787-8 clocks in 17:37 with no wind  :D

London (STN & LGW) > Sydney 16933km with a daily 787-8 from each.  Only makes a small profit, but it brings in transfer PAX.

Now having a new longest route in my portfolio.

Turin - Sydney  

16.663km - flying with A340-500 - burning 212,317L fuel - 216 passangers onboard

Flight time: 19:08

ZRH -SYD 16546km

My longest route, AUH - WLG, 14,213km with B787-8

Apia Faleolo [APW] - Hamburg [HAM], 15.567km, 777-200LR

London Heathrow (LHR) - Auckland (AKL), 18.359 km, Boeing 787-8 (162/16/4), Flight-Time: 20:35

GRU-DXB, only ~12,200km.

I also operate GRU-DOH, which is pretty close in length.

Cairo (CAI) - Sydney (SYD): 14.390 km by Boeing 787-8

GDL-SYD 12,643km served by three 787s and one 777-200ER

HAJ-SYD 16.319km in 18:45h with A345