What to expect from Airlinesim 2.0

Hello everyone.

This is not a topic to post suggestion & ideas lol but i was wondering myself what should we expect from ALS 2.0?

We play on the 1.5 version i guess, and, as far as i can imagine, the only things that the people who make Airlinesim are working on are bug fixes and adding some extra features, but i don’t seem them as a major change on the game (except the new aircraft market, wich is a good change).

Could you guys from the managenment team say something? If there are any plans… For example, like many people suggested on "suggestion & ideas", seasonal flights, marketing, mergers, franchise contracts (like the regional airlines in the us), and as i tried to light up, a mobile oriented interface, etc.

There are a lot - the aircraft market was only a part of the all new aicraft performance system. You can be sure that there will be some information as soon as we can announce it. But it takes us some more time.

When is the 2.0 coming out? Does anybody know?

There is no plan for a version 2.0 right now.

We are moving ahead one feature at a time. Every time we tried to announce some “big version” months ahead of time, we never actually made it to a release because there are so many dependencies and unforeseen problems that a release had to be pushed back for years on end until a point when we decided that we’ll just slice things up into easily manageable units and take it from there.

Other than that, a change to version 2.0 would imply a major change to the game that basically makes it incompatible to previous versions and we have nothing like this on the agenda.

No prob, take you time, I have no problems with 1.5

I just hope that there will be some regulations in the future to avoid the mono-duopoly that exists in many of the worlds. I was a happy user of AS, until one of the huge airlines of my world decided to cope the hub I was using, copying all my routes and taking advantage of the cash he has to book more and more airplanes, while I was not able to do anything.

There should be some penalizations to big airlines, the same way that the game penalizes small airlines at the beginning, I am so frustrated and feel stupid that all the effort of previous months is threatened by the clumsy decision of another player.

It is not realistic at all that one airline copes all the market in Europe just because they can afford leasing 200 B737 in 2 weeks and blow all the business that another player is doing.

Neluco… Move to another server. Where are you at the moment?

Thankfully the way some players overtook continents cannot be achieved as easily as before, as the damage is done you are better off going elsewhere.

I personally abandoned pearls due to one such incident and due to the fact that AS did not nothing about it. Hopefully I can gradually keep persuading users to ditch the pearls server so that there is only 1 airline there playing by himself.

and yes marketing is a need. I need to fill my seats!!!!!

I am not in pearls, I am in one of the old servers. I don´t want to throw away my work from last months just because someone is using a extreme strategy, totally unrealistic for who knows which purpose. I just want AS to be fun for all, not only for huge airlines that take advantage of being playing long time in a world. AGEX is a good tool to control overgrowth, but there must be some market regulations in real life that could be applied in the game, to avoid these monster airlines (because they also control another 5-6 in other continents) that control 20% of the pax and cargo traffic of a single world.

AS is not fun this way, there must be an effort from the creators, otherwise the simulation will just turn into monopoly trading among friends.

I always thought it’s about building a monoply… I must have been mistaken…

I always thought it was an airline simulation game, but it seems it is just a trading simulator about extreme capitalism techniques. So then don´t call it game and avoid misleading users.

Aviation is in fact a rather brutal segment of today’s capitalistic world (as are most other areas of transport). The only thing preventing the formation of real-world monopolies are politics of various flavors. And yet, in large and non-regularated markets like the US or the EU, the trend clearly points towards very few, very large enterprises controlling a majority of the market. That said, AirlineSim probably is just a bit too realistic ;)

I think that is far too realistic, I don´t see real airlines buying suddenly 50 old 737s, and opening 3 daily flights to places in less than 2 days where in real life takes them more than a couple of years to get all those planes running and it is impossible to maintain even a 2x/week frequency schedule to most of those destinations. Another unrealistic issue, that has created many complaints and is not real at all is the creation of fake companies to move capital at large scales and so on as it has been happening.

Then, AS it is not a game anymore, you should call it air capital trade simulator, I joined here with the idea of having fun, because it is labelled as a game, many times it has been like that, and I met many nice people, but bad policies and crazy freak players ruined all that fun, and I am sure I am not the only one thinking this way. So it will be good to make an effort from the game managers to turn this situation in future updates, because currently it is creating many uncomforted players.

I think we all agree that developtments take a little longer in reallife. but then again lufthansa was founded in 1926, so was United. I wasn’t planning on playing that long. :wink:

Aslo, buying 50 A320 isn’t happening all that often. And I have heard quite a few new players complaining about how long everything takes when you start out.

Concerning fake companies and rule violations, we are all on the same page that this needs to be stopped. that is, whatthe team and the UAB is working on. You can read announcements about multiaccouts beeing deleted frequently. We are also constantly discussing cases of potential rule breaking and ways to prevent this from happening on the internal board. We are trying to communicate more of our actions as one of the things that bothers me and others is the public perception of what is going on "behind the scenes".

There is a very frequent discussion taking please, but please understand that we can not devulge sensitive information and thus may appear passive or indifferent. that is not the case.

on a personal note: I, too, don’t like the way the new aircraft market works out. I won’t deny that I was lucky enough to get a few planes for inexpensive leases, but I never traded with them. I think, the market has a great potential but also opened up opportunities that some players recognized and then used. I realize, that this allows for players to be very successful with trading rather than aviation which was and still is the original purpose of this game. I doubt this developtment was ever intended. Actions have been taken to improve the situation and transactions are monitored closely to punish misbehavior. However, with the number of transactions taking place and the resources available, it takes us awhile to spot them all and some might even slip through. However, every complaint via the appropriate tools (email to support@airlinesim.aero or ingame reporting) is being looked into. And also, not all rule violations are as easy to point out as multi accounting.

With a feature like an aircraft market, I think you have to make a decision. you can either add this market, but then you also have to accept the fact that trade and markets work on the principles of capitalism and thus offer the opportunity for profit via trading, or you don’t implement it, but then have to accept that there is no new feature and less interaction with other players.

Airlinesim is not a sandbox mode game nor did it ever intend to be. this is a game, but as with almost all games, it’s about winning (whatever that might be for anyone).