When will stock orders be executed?

I want to use the stock market to do some asset transfer between my holding and subsidiary. I put a sell order @ 770.00 and a buy order @771.00. Both orders are out there in the market but hasn’t been executed after one day. What happened? When will stock orders be executed?

You should put the same values on both


sorry for picking up an old topic, but I have the exact same question.

I recently put all shares (of several different enterprises) that my subsidiary interprise owned on offer, and then tried to buy them with my holding.

For example: I made a sell order for 500 shares for 100.00 each and then I made a buy order for 500 shares for 100.00 each.

In all cases I used the same values (sell offer/buy offer). Now, some where traded within an hour, but some orders were just not executed, even after a day passed by.

Why is this happening?

Small update:

I ceated a sale order at 75.00 per share and then a buy order for 75.00 per share, which was never executed. I tried it a few times, first creating the sale order, then the buy order, and vise versa.

Finally, I deleted the buy order of 75.00 per share (while keeping the sale order of 75.00 per share) and made a new buy order at the current stock value of 79.91 per share, which was executed within minutes, and the final sale price was exactly 79.91 per share.

It's strange that I can make a sale order and a buy order at 75.00 per share which then will never be executed, shouldn't it say right away that this will not be possible?!

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?