When will the new ORS be rolled out to old worlds?

Not really, am I? The point I am criticizing is not that you are hardly active, but that you are sure you are about to quit and just keep slots, fleet… to hand it all over to a buddy and avoid to give other players a chance to benefit from your retreat.
Additionally I am not really getting the point with complaining about increased credit costs and then not even play the accounts you have actively. That does not make any sense at all. Your increased costs in AS are more based on account mismanagement having numerous holdings on 2 servers but being only active on one. My good advise: Simply delete your holdings on one account and the credit consumption will decrease significantly. Additionally the server will be happy to offer active players options for a new start.

Where did you see I complained about credit consumption? Come on, you are now just making things up. If I was not willing to pay two server holdings at current increased consumption rate I would have deleted FBU a year ago…

You were not complaining about credit consumption but the costs in general. Maybe it is time again to ask for a black friday special or a VAT refund?

Everyone, back to topic or this thread is closed. Feel free to discuss the merits of updating or not updating legacy game worlds, but keep personal attacks and allegations out of it.

Do you agree that someone giving slots to another player when leaving a world is cheating?

No, it’s not cheating as long as separate users are involved. It’s not necessarily good style, of course. And if the player “receiving” the slots is a player that has been long established in the respective game world rather than a newcomer, the practice helps cementing the unfortunate situation of old game worlds (ever-decreasing player numbers and hence higher operating cost per active user).

If an old player is so Domininant that even if the giving player liquidated there would be no possibility for a new player to come in anyway (because the Dominican and other large players would just take piece of action within two to three weeks), and if the old staying player gets to set up a new holding and pays 4 more credits per day in additional country, that’s almost like a new player coming in.

You say it: Almost.
So if all your statements are correct, why handling the slots over instead of just deleting? Why not save the credits?

There are several ways of thinking. Why don’t you just accept that he is doing it that way, Colt? It is not against the rules, hence just let him do it…

I have no issues with acepting it, but his excuses are simply totally unlogic and unreasonable. If even AS says that is not necessarily good style it is maybe time to review the decisions made.

Colt, over the coming weekend I will be releasing all slots in DTW on Fornebu. Feel free to start an airline in Detroit on Fornebu. Looks like that’s what you’re after.

And the one posting without logic is you, who keeps on mixing my Black Friday question with my ability to pay the credits. Google is your friend when you take a moment to investigate the argument fallacies you keep on committing. So far I counted Ad Hominem, Strawman, Bifurcation, Red herring, Causal … Just your “save money/Black Friday” comment had at least 3 of those: Strawman, Bifurcation and Causal.