When will the new ORS be rolled out to old worlds?

When will the new ORS be rolled out to old worlds.

I know exsisting airlines might have to re-do some stuff, but leaving the older worlds behind will make them obselete. I cannot wait to see the new ORS in Stapleton where I have 2 large airlines.

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A final decision on that hasn’t been made yet. We plan to settle on a general strategy on how to go forward with the legacy game worlds next year. But at always, that depends on quite a few factors, including a revision of our overall development roadmap.

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Thank you, for what its worth, I know the dilemma is that changes might make players with huge airlines have to adapt quickly and its ruins their “years” of work, but in the real world, the landscape changes, and I love my old world, but when I see new features on new worlds, I want them on the old worlds as it almost feels odd etc. I hope that over time they all get updated, if some people shut down due to it, it leaves new opportunities on the old worlds etc.

@SNMP Given the 50% increase in cost to play Airlinesim last year while only a minority of development promises was completed this year, I would see a large player base to completely leave the game if their airline were affected by such a drastic change. People don’t have hundreds of hours to redo their airlines, and less so after a year of price hikes and unmet promises to increase development work. There was some light work done on the game in first 3 months of the year and then nothing else, while players paid 50% or more for their access to Airlinesim. I know about 20 players personally who were very reluctant of price increases but were willing to accept it in view of promised more development. A year has passed and it became completely correct what we predicted in January, that it will not be anything new in regards to development. And it became true, the bet was completed, no new development besides two light patches in first 3 months of this year and then nothing for the rest of 9 months. These are 20 players and just on one Gameworld. Multiply that by other Gameworlds and you can run your numbers how much your “idea” would cause a hole in Airlinesim income. Just live with the fact that Airlinesim is basically abandoned and the new love child is called Prosperous Universe. Your wish may just cause it to create such a black hole in income that it would become completely abandoned aka shut down.


You have been on this Gameworld for less than a year, with one medium-large and one small-to-medium airline started just recently. You are no kraken. And you want to revamp the Gameworld… Have you consulted the long playing and established players who have been on that server for 10+ years?

I would appreciate the new ORS on the old game worlds.

@ rubiohiguey: Airlinesim is an economy simulation, and the economy always changes. If a company can not cope with an changing environment, it is badly managed. In reality, such oversized and mummified companies would have no chance to survive. I think AS should become more realistic in this aspect (and if some people leave the game because it´s realistic, that´s one more reason for me to stay…)

I guess your major is not economics

I have three sets of thoughts on this topic. First, I think Simulogics needs to be very careful about which updates it rolls out to existing, long-term game worlds. I’m not a kraken player, but I think that there is a big difference between:

  • Updates that radically overhaul existing game systems, such as the ORS update, demand tables, or potential future changes to things like cabin configurations - these kinds of changes would have the potential to dramatically change the economics of thousands of flights for large airlines, potentially requiring players to reschedule hundreds of planes at once. I suspect that very few players would find that ‘fun’.

  • Updates that tweak existing game systems, such as updating the demand tables for game worlds that are already running the new demand system - these kinds of changes shouldn’t be as dramatic, and quite possibly would be ‘fun’ to have to respond to, similar to how the AGEX and fuel price systems effect long-term worlds, or responding to a competitor setting up a new hub.

  • Updates that add new game systems, such as the new aircraft financing system (I’m going to call that a new system, rather than a major overhaul of an existing system, because basically no one finances aircraft at the moment!) - I think these could be released on older worlds on a case-by-case basis, if the code bases fit together. Adding new systems wouldn’t blow up existing airlines - rather, it would give all CEOs a new way to begin competing with each other, which could be ‘fun’.

Second, could the answer be as simple as Martin polling players on each of the existing game worlds, to see whether they would like a new feature rolled out? (This is a genuine question - I have no idea how hard it would be to use the in-game tools or an email poll, or whether it would be easy to roll out updates to some game worlds but not others.) I’m not necessarily suggesting that 50%+1 players on a server should get to decide whether an update rolls out - perhaps Simulogics might only rolls it out if 66% or 75% of players supported. But, given that most players on long-term worlds are committed, long-term customers, if it’s feasible to ask them, maybe that’d be the best way forward.

Third, I’ve also been disappointed at the level of support for AS. I stopped playing for a while, and only came back once Martin announced a clear roadmap for 2019. It is also disappointing that some of the roadmap (cargo conversions) is only arriving at the very end of the year, and other parts (accelerated game worlds) aren’t yet announced at all. But, I’m actually glad to see that development has resumed and that the plan has been (largely) met.

What I’d be more interested in, is another roadmap for 2020, and more regular communication from Martin and the team about how updates are progressing - I don’t think we need a weekly DevBlog like PU, but maybe a monthly or two-monthly update would be nice?


So basically, people are leaving because there have been no developmnent changes and everything is boring. But don’t you dare implement new development changes because people will get fed up and leave!

Which one is it?

Sounds like someone is just whining because the “perfect” formula they’ve been using for years might change.


When I was member of a development advisory group (along with several other well known AS players) before this group was dismantled a year back, there were about 200 development and improvement suggestions ranging from easy to implement (time savers) to nice haves and to complex .

None of those dealt with this “basic ORS nonsense” implemented on short game worlds. (Why nonsense? Because it’s a price pressure tool without ability to make money on additional charges like real world airlines make under price pressure conditions).

How many of those ideas that were proposed by the development advisory group, do you think were worked on by the dev team and then implemented? It would not be hard to guess how many, right? And there were so many many good, great ideas proposed that could have been implemented across all game worlds, which would have been greatly welcomed by everyone.

Enough to say dear bobb, on this topic , you don’t know what you are talking about

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First of all we most propably all know that the present setup of AS is not too close to being realistic and is one of the most often seen points of criticism. It is not only the demand distribution that heavily penalize widebodies, it is also the booking habits of the passengers that hardly care for the price as long as they have nice seats and numerous flight attendants. So it is logical to me that AS is addressing these setup issues in order to make the game worlds more realistic. At that point I would already clearify, that from my point of view more realistic does not automatically mean more fun especially as the real world will never be represented in AS and I am not too sure if permanent changes for a more realistic version of AS automatically brings us to a more enjoyable game.

So I personally well appreciated the anouncements of Martin for 2019 giving us hope for new features. The price has been raised significantly, but those being still around playing AS were obviously willing to accept it in order to receive new features. For any reason we now as the year comes to its end have to realize, that the roadmap was a nice to read document but for any reason will not be realized. We do not have the demand figures updated on existing serves which is why especially in fast growing reagions the game is far away from the real data. It is hard for me to understand as this is nothing that needed to be developed as a new feature, it just requires time to update the figures of the airports. For any reason that was then combined with a complete new demand model which in return will massively penalize major connection hubs like DXB, LHR, FRA, CDG, AMS… and try to get closer to reality though there are no resilient numbers available for real demand and just connection traffic. So it is not guessing that the new numbers of AS are maybe roughly based on facts, but there is also a big number of guessing. And again instead of simply updating the numbers it was decided to reinvent the wheel and with this decision we automatically end up in the same open loop discussion either to implement these data on existing game worlds or not. We will have some players (mostly small ones) that of course seek for new data and updates, while a large airline with a flightplan like Emirates will have major issues to survive such an update. So again there was an easy method to make everybody happy, but it was decided to go a way that will automatically piss off players again, for which reason ever.

Then there is still this permanent Damokles Sword hanging over every presently existing game world called new demand groups and booking classes. It has been announced for years, not much has been heard anyways and if it will ever be implemented on existing game worlds it can be more or less be regarded as a server reset. So every player presently being active in some way has to accept that all his work will be deleted soon. Not the best argument if you are trying to convince a friend to start an AS account. The same direction will be an implementation of the new ORS on existing game worlds. Existing players have adopted to the existing system and of course their playing philosophy will not succeed anymore. After years being active again not the best argument for new starters but still no decision on this has been made yet. I somehow can understand both sides of the story. One side that wants all updates either because they are rather small and know that big players will definately suffer much more than they will, or players that are able to actively play for hours daily and have a chance to react way faster than others. I also understand players like Rubiohiguey2000 that has huge holding structures build up for years, hardly playing any of them actively (facts and figures with most of the airlines show no changes in the past weeks and even if there are any changes they are very small), most propably having billions unused on the bank account and somehow find their motivation in playing AS in logging in once in a while and enjoy the large amount of digits on the bank account logging off again.
The major task for AS will be to implement new features in a way that nobody needs to resign from real life for days/weeks not to loose his airlines. If a way can be found this I would greatly appreciate new updates on older servers. If is like the new version starting on thursday with booking declining by 80% within one day that of course in not reasonable.

As I personally decided to start at AS again and stay active as Martin annouced his roadmap I would greatly appreciate any comment on why:

  • only such a small number of new features have been achieved for 2019
  • how can it be expected that any further roadmap e.g. for 2020 will be believed in

This would be especially interesting as features like a historic game world or a tool box to upgrade/convert aircraft has not been new when they have been promised for 2019. I am active with AS for more or less 15 years now and even back then a historic server has been on the todo list. Then raising the prices significantly combined with the promise of new features and then after a year having hardly anything new to present is, lets say it diplomatic “not optimal”. Additionally given the fact with weekly updates on the PU project and hardly any updates at all here maybe it was time for a decision. Close AS or develop it at least as promised. Milking the cow with raised prices and just very few time invested will kill AS slowly and is not the deserved respect for the game and its dedicated players.


I liked your post very much, but this part… Yes, one server is inactive for me and I am gradually leaving it… Making other allied airlines to gradually take over. Other server I am very active and especially doing aircraft replacements for the past 3 months… When you have production lines tied up you can not do pretty much anything else… Oh now that you mentioned it I just realized my last aircarfts were delivered a day or two ago and need to order new batch again. Thanks for reminder, even if it was done in an unusual way.

Don’t ever think I have liked as many replies as I have done in this post. George is completely right, doing adjustments to an already flawed system is nuts. I am all for a new ORS, which is what I have always advocated for when I was in the Development Advisory Team. In AS it’s a pretty standard solution to attempt small fixes and workarounds to a flawed system instead of redoing the system. Just look at the aircraft performance system.

If I wouldn’t already have quit such a change would have made me quit. I am all for a new functioning ORS and honestly if that happens I will return, but a small tweak isn’t a new ORS. It’s just a change which will deter large players, players which AS desperately needs.

Wait why the attack? All I did was ask the question, thanked martin for his reply and gave my opinion. Yet you attacked me lol, says a lot about you.

In typical fashion to these types of threads, none of your posts are constructive and none of them will make martin and the team more eager to make changes and make the game better, all they are are whining attacks on the game or poster.

The fact you later implied that economics dont change to back up your argument by belittling another poster is hilarious, saying that they obviously didnt major in any economics/business. Who are you to speak to anyone like that. For the record, are you saying that the aviation landscape is the same now as in 1980s? Give me a break, you’re hilarious.

P.s leaving worlds by giving your friends the airlines is exactly the effing problem with the older worlds in general. Ruining it for new players by giving the already established players the airlines and money that comes with it, making it harder for newer players to want to start in an older world. Its actions like that that have make the stock market (one of my favourite features) a mockery and why they are now deciding to remove it from newer worlds.

I am not sure if it is the players responsibility to make Martin eager to make changes or vice versa that Martin should motivate the players with updates to come/stay.

I am also wondering if handing all airlines to other players is the main objective of the game. If everybody did it we end up with only a hand full of players owning numerous companies of former players. No need to state, that AS tehn can no longer pay for the servers. Isn’t it the main objective to grow and actively manage a financially successful airline? So what is the deal in simply handing airlines over to other players that then naturally struggel in handling them actively. Or is it again just a matter of pleasing himself with the large numbers of passengers and AS$ on the bank account? If that is the case maybe it is time to face real life again and find some more pleasure there. And of course as the future owner most propably owns numerous large airlines he did not even found or grow we are back in the circle where it is argued that changes and updates are to time intensive to cope with… Maybe it is time to wonder what the root of the issue is instead of stupidly continuing to seek for more and more market shares and at the end blame AS for the disadvantages of the self invented playing strategy. Simply free the space for other players. In this regards I have to agree with SRNP, this way of playing, just like uselessly gathering flight rights in other countries through the stock market lead to a stock market nobody needs. The main objective of a stock market is ignored, it is just a place for cheating and handing money from one player to another.

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I am sorry if you misunderstood. Taking over means growing organically. Flights I remove flights he adds. While I keep paying credits while reducing the airline size, this matter should not bother you. If you have not realized, simply handing over airline to others has not been possible for a few years now. And if a friend grows while I shrink, what’s wrong with that .

Looking at your constructions on e.g. Fornebu I realize, that you anyways find ways to hand over an airline…
What is wrong with that? Well, now there are 2 players that transport X passengers. You now handle over your flights to your friend that obviously is unable to expand on his own matter. At the end you transport the same amount of passengers with only 1 account. The consequence is the lower income for AS and then the costs for all players rise. That is exactly what you strongly criticise in your first post here without realizing that your gaming strategy is the reason for it!
Is there any reason, why your friend who is taking over is unable to use your former slots if you delete your airline right away? Is he that afraid of competitors, that you need to coordinate flight transfers to ensure nobody else on the server has the chance to benefit from your retreat? Aint that from your point of view blocking of resources, in this case slots, especially as you here said yourself that you are not intending to continue playing on that server?

No it’s not, the airline pays its daily credits and keeps operartng flights, no schedules are unactivated, every slot used and occupied is being flown on an appropriate aircraft and making money. That’s the exact definition of NOT-BLOCKING . You are trying to make me look bad or whatever, but it ain’t working.

Interesting your writings here Colt, especially after you have written this yourself:

So what exactly it is you were saying about my not playing actively or facts and figures not changing ?

Biting one’s own tongue now, ain’t we?

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What’s wrong is you are delibrately helping others, in fact I swear its not allowed in this game. If you cannot see why you doing that is bad, then help us all.

I actually urge moderators to check rubiohiguey2000s airlines for this…