Where are the old jets?

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While the common way to fix issues is to send a message to the support, I would like to post this one in public, as I think it is an emotional topic from general interest.

First, thank you very much guys for this 80-ies world! The idea is fantastic and I absolutely appreciate it. But why in gods name and all holy did you remove not just the new plane types but also the old stock, that was pretty common and widely spread back then? In fact, this destroys all the fun I initially expected. I would rather have removed the Airbus ASeries 320, that apparently later killed all the DC-9, B732 or B727 which were in operation back then in substantial numbers. While I did not expected that the team would create additional types (think about Caravelles, Vickers Viscounts or similar), letting the already existing types remain in the game wouldn't have need a second of time but rather created a much more realistic 80-ies scenario.

I'm aware of the problem, that if hundreds or even thousands of used coalers are available on the market, it would lead to a few superlarge airlines in very short time, killing the game for the rest of the world. But that's unrealistic anyway, as in reality there were never thousands of them on the open market back then at any given time. Limiting the availability (let us say, no more than used 10 frames per type per week dropping into the market e.g.), would eliminate that problem.

I'm looking curiously for other oppinions!

BTW: fuel was dirt cheap in the 80-ies ;)

BTW: fuel was dirt cheap in the 80-ies ;)

But not in 1991.......and demand was low as well after the first Gulf War ;)

This is how the 80-ies looked like jetwise B)


Out of interest, below is a small log of aircraft at LHR in June 92. Just to give a scope of what was being used at the top airports around the world.

D-AIAT Airbus A300 B4-603 Lufthansa
SU-GAS Airbus A300 B4-622RF Egypt Air
CS-TND Airbus A320 211 TAP Air Portugal
D-AIPF Airbus A320 211 Lufthansa
D-AIPU Airbus A320 211 Lufthansa
D-AIQE Airbus A320 211 Lufthansa
D-AIQL Airbus A320 211 Lufthansa
EC-FCB Airbus A320 211 Iberia
EC-FGU Airbus A320 211 Iberia
EC-FLQ Airbus A320 211 Iberia
N7623U Boeing  727 222 United Airlines
VR-BSA Boeing  727 23 Corporate
RC-CTA Boeing  737 230 Croatia Airlines
D-ABEH Boeing  737 330 Lufthansa
EC-FFN Boeing  737 36EF Viva Air
G-DOCC Boeing  737 436 British Airways
G-DOCE Boeing  737 436 British Airways
G-DOCH Boeing  737 436 British Airways
G-DOCI Boeing  737 436 British Airways
G-DOCA Boeing  737 436(SF) British Airways
G-DOCL Boeing  737 436(SF) British Airways
LX-LGG Boeing  737 4C9 Luxair
G-OBMK Boeing  737 4S3 bmi British Midland
F-GJND Boeing  737 528 Air France
OO-SYG Boeing  737 529 Sabena Airlines
D-ABJI Boeing  737 530 Lufthansa
LZ-BOC Boeing  737 53A Bulgaria Air
EI-CDA Boeing  737 548 Aer Lingus
EI-CDD Boeing  737 548 Aer Lingus
N4718U Boeing  747 122 United Airlines
9M-MHH Boeing  747 219B Malaysian Airlines
N159UA Boeing  747 238B United Airlines
JA8190 Boeing  747 281BF Japan Airlines
C-GAGL Boeing  747 433 Air Canada
G-BNLV Boeing  747 436 British Airways
VH-OJA Boeing  747 438 QANTAS
HS-TGH Boeing  747 4D7 Thai Airways
N149UA Boeing  747 SP-21 United Airlines
N602AA Boeing  747 SP-31 American Airlines
N607UA Boeing  767 222(ER) United Airlines
N610UA Boeing  767 222(ER) Leasing Company
C-GAVA Boeing  767 233 Air Canada
PP-VNO Boeing  767 241(ER((SF) VARIG
N39365 Boeing  767 323(ER) American Airlines
N368AA Boeing  767 323(ER) American Airlines
N373AA Boeing  767 323(ER) American Airlines
N374AA Boeing  767 323(ER) American Airlines
G-BNWL Boeing  767 336(ER) British Airways
G-BNWP Boeing  767 336(ER) British Airways
V8-RBE Boeing  767 33A(ER) Royal Brunei Airlines
VR-CAR Bombardier 601 Corporate
N449ML Bombardier 601 3A Corporate
N125AA Douglas DC-10 10F American Airlines
I-RIZL Douglas DC-9 32 Alitalia
SE-DIY Douglas MD81    SAS Scandinavian Airlines
SE-DME Douglas MD81 SAS Scandinavian Airlines
SL-ABE Douglas MD81 Adria Airways
I-DACT Douglas MD82 Alitalia
OH-LMZ Douglas MD82 Finnair
SE-DIR Douglas MD82 SAS Scandinavian Airlines
EC-FEY Douglas MD87 Iberia
CCCP-86514 Ilyushin IL62 M Aeroflot
CCCP-86074 Ilyushin IL-86 Aeroflot
CCCP-86106 Ilyushin IL-86 Aeroflot
N1757A McDonnell-Douglas MD-11 F American Airlines
HA-LCR Tupolev Tu-154 B2 MALEV