Where are you from?

In another topic people started to debate wether to put Nationality flags next to their names. Now to see if that is really nescesary or is i constructed this poll.

Please be so kind to answer this poll so we can see from what parts of the world your from.

Now if you are from parts of answer 7 through 12 please let us know which country it is exactly.

Kind regards


P.S. If you do not want to specify please tell us so that we will have an answers on the other topic




Jap :D




Is it where are you from or where do you live? Mine respectively are UK and Austria

Thank you all for voting, it really is nice to see where the game is played in the world.

Keep it up


Figured to make my first posts here on the forums

I hail from the country of the Netherlands!

I didn’t have much of a choice so I picked North America. However;

[size=“5”]I’m from Texas[/size]

I haven’t seen the other topic yet, but I think nationality is next to useless. Much more useful would be spoken languages. People speak multiple languages (at least in most of Europe), so it if anything, then this should be based on languages spoken, not nationality. That way, if multiple languages are spoken, the user could indicate one primary language, and others can still contact the person if they don’t speak the primary language, but do speak one of the secondary languages.

I’m from Switzerland (not Swaziland :D )

Brazil, here!

From the islands of Philippines…

Im from estonia :)

a nooby question :how to add the airline info thingie to you profile thingie :D (under my reply)


Costa Rica!!

It was me, who made the suggestion^^

However, it was not about nationalities, but more about languages. The point was, that if everybody could choose little icons for the languages he speaks, it would be easier for you to know in which language you might want to contact him, concerning an IL for example! Usually english works fine, but if you are not a native speaker, than it would be much more comfortable to wright in your own native language. Just search the forum, and you will find the topics both on the german and english board. Back then, many here agreed with this suggestion. Anyhow, i don´t know yet if it made it on the official to-do list ;)