Where would you..

Hi :) Today my question is… Where would you start a new airline? (and why, ofc :D)

sounds like someone is looking for a new place to start… :wink:

Hi Mururue,

If I started today, I would start in one of the secondary airports of any EU country or North America, as I believe you can run a very successful op from them. It also depends on the server you choose. I would employ the above mentioned strategy for the new servers, but for the older, emptier ones, you could start anywhere. I am on Pearls and started in JED 3 months after the server had been launched so there was competition for sure, but now I am doing fine. Let me know if you need any more info.

Best wishes.

Yep, JD. I could really use some help on choosing a hub. I love the game, but I just can’t attach to any of my airlines, and it doesn’t feel fun.

I’m not looking into becoming a giant airline. Eh, well, I don’t have the knowledge anyhow.

Yukawa, since you’re ‘‘the only one’’ who got my trick :D can you offer some advice?

Country with

Unrestricted market access no

Treaties not a member of any treaty

If you need little peace ;)

Haha! That would indeed represent, some relax time for my nerves!

A country that has that and no airline in it is a safe haven. If it has a least one or two domestic routes you can build on that