Which world


I haven't played in a while after my last attempt ended in being squeezed out by an older player but I've started to play again with a little test airline to get to grips with the changes but what world would people recommend starting on for a new airline.  I don't really want to play on a world with an end date set so does anyone have any recommendations?


Otto is great Reiko. I would suggest trying it. Start with old aircraft though.. I'm talking IL-18 or DC8 old. It makes it much easier. 

Otto is a temporary world with an end date.

Basically, you can play on every server. Depends on your choice of country. And of course Slots availability.

There is a thread at the top of the general section of the forums called ‘big thread of opportunities’. I suggest you look at the last and most recent page in order to find the best world and country for you!

Basically, smaller airlines but more competition on newer servers, with almost every country with a decent domestic market being taken (most of the time anyway). On older servers, there are larger airlines but once they go bust it takes longer for other players to realise the gap in the market, so there is less competition on larger servers but if you come into competition with an airline, they will most likely be established and will crush you. I also would not recommend starting out on Riem just because of the reduces passenger demand makes it feel like your playing on ‘hard difficulty’; well thats my opinion anyway

Gatow is great to start  ;)


14 hours connection time, will make the transfers more easy. And not that big need for a wave system.

There are lots of opportunities in Riem because people are scared of it - join! 

Riem does not bite!

You can consider Stapleton. The biggest airline from China just liquidated.