who can explain ground service passenger hanldling contract?

I want to know what is that. Can this increase my passenger loading?

Yes, it can.

AirlineSim provides standard passanger handling with a 3 star terminal and no jetways.

As you can use terminals with up to 5 stars and jetways, this can improve your flight ratings.

It can also save money. AirlineSim standard handling costs 11AS$ per passenger. Most available other terminals are cheaper.

BUT: When you sign a handling contrat, you pay for the number of passangers in the contract every week - even if less passangers need handling there. If the number of passengers in the contract is lower then passangers handled, the rest costs the usual standard service price.

Also be aware, that its definitely not a good idea to build your own terminals. You’ll never reach break even as terminals are very expensive.

So, using available capacities at airports ist mostly useful (as long as you do not book more capacities as you need) - building your own termials is not.

When you signed a contract, your flights are not automatily assigend to the new contract. Simply go to your office page - there you can easily assign all flights there to the new contract.

thank you, it is very clear.