Why aren't there many long hual route??


i was just wondering why there isnt many long hual flights in the server(tempelhof), for example SYDNEY-SINGAPORE-LONDON HEATHROW. There is only like 1 flight which is to gatwick. Why isnt there many airlines witch fly these sort of route. Is it not profitable? Is the market demand not accurate? or do airlines just can’t be bothered to have long hual flights?

Thanks :)

From what I read on the forum before, it’s because you need to make a large investment, but profit is still not much bigger.

I never operated long-haul, so I might be wrong.

Margins on Long Haul are rougly 8-10% normally, Sort Haul can be up to 25 normally (obviously can be more in either case depending on the network). Also long haul requires enormous investment for the return you get from tickets. Long haul is only popular on very developed servers where there is no growth on shorter routes due to extreme competition and airlines ave a lot of capital. That is basically it - frustrating but true.

I see. Thanks for the info :)