Why can 100 ORS rating be profitable?


If you want the game to be competitive or realistic I don’t see how it can be possible to fly 100 ORS Rated flights that make a profit.

100 ORS basically means it’s a perfect flight and that no one would ever have a higher wish to fly any other flights more than this specific flight, even if it’s an identical flight offered for half the price. That makes NO sense.

What if all ORS result values were simply divided by 2? Very low ORS like say 10 wouldn’t see much of an impact since They still are near the bottom at 5, but we would get a lot of space upwards to compete furiously by slashing prices and even running flights on larger losses to take short term market shares from competitors on select key routes.

This would also remove running more flights with smaller cabins as the only/main way to compete, larger cabins could become more competitive because they can run more efficiently and compete with lower prices instead.

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I’ve run 100 ORS flights before and made a nice profit, it can be done and still be profitable

Yes, that’s what I don’t like at all and want to change here…

Ah i see, well its definitely a good idea and would boost competitiveness significantly as larger airlines would not have such a monopoly on routes making it virtually impossible to compete on international flights. Obviously a few other mechanics like image should be rehauled so that larger airlines are not punished for being so large - image should serve as a reputation gained by providing quality and trusted services for a long time, e.g. if British Airways and a new startup airline (Air UK for example) were competing on flights to JFK , British Airways should have an advantage on the reputation factor, but if Air UK lowered their prices by £50 or so then they would even out with British Airways and over time would beat them with increasing reputation. This would force players with larger airlines to be more active to check their routes. This game is in dire need of activity on old game worlds and this would also make the game more dynamic and fun for older players

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On topic: The adjusted ORS (currently available on Yeager) should already make it more difficult to achieve to get profitable flights with high ORS… I think that’s a good development, because I believe the thread opener in saying that it’d be better if the ratings were pushed a bit lower - to get them into a better working range for competition between airlines.


Thanks for your reply Spezialist!

My hope was for Yeager to improve it, and this is also the reason I returned to playing Airline Sim as it launched. However to my disappointment I can still run 45-50% profitable long haul flights with 100 ORS rating ( using older aircraft ), and reach 30-35% profit without problems when using new aircrafts on the same routes.

It has made shorter flights more competitive though, these could be run with small profit previously and still get 100 ORS, but in the new system on Yeager they will run at about 5-10% loss in my experience if you push down pricing to reach 100 ORS.

I guess what I am asking for is an even more aggressive ORS, especially for long haul.