Why do people prefer the 788 over 781?


I’m playing on Yeouido and the 787-8 is significantly more popular than the 787-10, even though the machine evaluation tool suggests that the 787-10 and even the 787-9 are significantly more economic to operate. What am I missing? Why are all the airlines choosing the 787-8? And it’s not the range, many airlines operate short routes with the 787-8.

Maybe it’s because of the shorter turn-around times? But I don’t know, I prefer the 787-10.

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Which game world are we talking about here? Because there was a significant change made to the catalogue this summer, and it favored the dash 10 model.

Usuall it’s about turnaround times. The 788 often fits nicely into 320/737 hubs while the bigger sisters might not make it.

Often enough you look for a bigger upgrade of your 739/321 and the 788 is the next option here as others might have too much capacity.

And let’s not forget: Yeouido is a fresh server. Airlines are still growing and usually do so with adding the basic variant of a new type first.

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