Why I wont continue...and my experience

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With demand i made the same experiences.

Domestic demand is incredibly high,there is one route in my country where i can fill 10x 321/739 only flying that route with 99% bookings.

I also tryed a 747-400 once and could even fill that.Its just sad that widebodys are very inefficient on shortshaul in airlinesim.Could save some slots otherwise.

Sadly only domestic routes work so well but filling international routes has always been very hard for me and often only working with interlinings.

I never had any real competition from 1 stop flights in ORS.Probably cause it has been very easy for me to a get a 99 ORS rating.

If you dont want other players coming and killing you off get yourself a better rating or search for a country with no other big airline

But the demand is the same for all. And there is also a lot of connections here ;)

And also, it mainly applies to the old worlds. Starting up in a new world such as Hoover makes all have the same posibilities

You shouldn’t give up if you really enjoy the majority of the game play. I almost quit playing when I first started but glad I didn’t. Find yourself a good mentor I’m glad I did. Just remember it’s only a game, I always start-up thinking my airline will be a failure (like most i have had plenty fail) it gives me a reason to be excited when it makes it over 4 months :slight_smile:

Such a shame you have such a negative outlook on a very very good game. Its the most realistic airline management sim out there and I feel your main problems are nothing to do with the game but the players themselves. Which is the main reason why it is just a game. Yes they need to make it harder to make profits and yes they need to sort out demand/ORS ratings but its not a game breaker in my opinion its more how you play the game.

You guys realize he was a member for a total of less than 6 hours and has not checked in here ever since?

Well I didn’t realize that, that’s a shame that he didn’t like the game in such short time.

6 hours lol 

Not quite sure, but if he figured out those points after playing the game for 6 hours only, then he’s a real genius.

I am pretty sure that I saw the same list of arguments (I mean the very very same, including "40 daily flights between London and Bristol") a few months ago, maybe even a year ago somewhere in the forums. That'd made me very suspicious

And I'd be very suspicious about THAT



It seems like we have a troll here

LMAO, wow to this dude. Actually play the game and come up with your own arguments and points. 

Finding slots is ridiculous.  Inactive accounts need to be purged occasionally.  It makes the game unplayable!