Why is my new aircraft with flight plan not flying?

Hi, noob question… I just started in Yeager, I have an aircraft transferred to one of my stations, with a flight plan, but so far (after one day) it hasn’t started the flights

I last used airlinesim a long time ago, and I faintly remember a rule about how long after the plane is available that it will start flying, but I might have made that up.

In other places it says “no flights scheduled”.

3 days at least. But are you sure that you have already activated the flight plan?

Have you activated your flight plan? When you schedule your flights, you need to activate your schedule; below “Sunday” in the flight scheduling tab, on the right hand side you find “select flight plan operation”:
-Activate flight plan: schedules flight with 1 day delay.
-Activate flight plan (3 days delayed): schedules flight with 3 days delay.

No. It´s possible to schedule flights with just 24h delay, pressing on “Activate Flight Plan”

Not with a complete new company as far as I remember.

Doens´t matter how old your company is. You can start a company at 22pm monday, schedule flights and activate flight plan at 22.30pm on monday. From Tuestday at 22.30pm, flights will be scheduled.

I haven’t activated it I think. Let me see.

I am looking at https://yeager.airlinesim.aero/app/com/scheduling/STNGLA?8

Scheduling page

but cannot see Activate Flight Plan… surely not because I have a trial account?

Oh the tick box… I have activated if you mean the tick boxes under the days. But it hasn’t been 24 hours since the plane arrived. That would be Monday next flight.

Not on this page. For each aircraft you need to schedule flights. There you can then activate you schedule.


Now I’ve found it. A bit hidden when you don’t know!

Thank you all!

Your welcome! Yes, it´s a bit hidden. I believe it used to be more obvious back a few years ago.

For others who read this, here it is:


I remember finding that screen at one point after stumbling about for a few days trying to activate my flights, but have no idea how to find it again.

Operations > Fleet Management,
Then click on the calendar icon for the aircraft in question.

Thanks. I knew I had stumbled across it somewhere.

you are welcome :slight_smile: