Why not tell the good news(new server) to all players

I have been monitoring airlinesim here frequently, but I still like to receive an email telling us the good news about new server running. Once in a year about new server running can hardly be regards as spam.

Also, most important, to some inactivate players through the registered email, telling them the big changes in the new server and they may back to play! This is a normal strategy used a lot in commercial.

You do want more players, right? 

This is on our oh-so-long to-do list, but it's not as trivial as it sounds. Note that we have far beyond 100.000 accounts in our database...you don just "send out an email" to that kind of number without getting blacklisted all over the place.

I randomly decided to see how AS was doing and saw that a new server was launching. Definitely jumped on it! I remember how much I loved playing this game back when it was in beta and reset all the time, all the way through having a major airline on Croydon. Then real life happened, but I was really excited to see a new world starting right after checking up on the game.