Why so many transfer airports in Taiwan

Reported sometime through support email, it is closed there since the discussion ends with its AS's will to make certain airports transferable. But I still have the question, thus bring it here for general discussion.

I checked on latest server, Riem, for Taiwan's airports, in total 9 airports larger or equal than 4 bars on PAX level, and all of them are able to transfer flights:

Name   PAX bars   transfer time

TPE      9bars         01:15h

KHH      6bars         01:15h

TSA      6bars         01:15h

MZG     5bars         01:00h

TNN      4bars        01:00h

HUN      4bars        00:45h

KNH      4bars        00:45h

RMQ     4bars        00:45h

TTT       4bars        00:45h

I think for TPE, KHH, TSA I have no doubt they are large airports can transfer. But for those 4 bars airports, I don't believe people transfer there.

Take TTT airport for example, from Wiki, it only has 3 routes (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taitung_Airport). And from flight status I found for example today, the flights are:

1. Mandarin airline AE392  08:40AM to TSA

2. Mandarin airline AE394  06:50PM to TSA

3. Mandarin airline AE396  09:20PM to TSA

How could one transfer with such flights? TSA-TTT-TSA?? And in such a country, you have 9 airports transferable, compared with Viet nam (4x population, 9x country size), only 2 airports can transfer.

I asked in email support,  the answer is similar to that even smallest airport, people may transfer. I could not debate around that. And since the performance for AS server is limited, another argument is even all airports may transfer, we cannot make them all transferable. Then I would say, so it is important to have a algorithm to select airports with most possibilities of transfer PAX.

I would name a dozen of airports which has more transfer possibilities than these Taiwan airports (for example, TYN, 6bars, from Wiki, Annual PAX amount 20x more than TTT). You could name many airports too I think.

The purpose of this post is hear some suggestions about what policies we could suggest AS take when decide if an airport is transferable as long as AS server is not power enough to make all airports transferable. 

The number of flights in an airport doesn't matter. The airport facilities determine whether they are transferable or not. You can't find too many flights in some airports because not everyone in the world loves flying short distance flights, including people in Taiwan. 

I flew to TPE, KHH, and TSA personally and i can tell you they are definitely transferable airports, and people take connection flights there. I'm also quite sure about Hualien, Tainan, and Magong. 

When you look at the airports in Indonesia in-game, you will find only five, some game worlds are six, with Balikpapan, airports are transferable in more than seventy airports. So AS didn't make all airports transferable. 

Also, transferability is inherited characteristic from the airport size classification, not the demand. The classification also determines transfer time and, in combination with aircraft size, the turnaround time at that station. Only Small/Medium/Above-Average/Large/Mega airports have transferring enabled whilst Farm Track, Village and Regional airports don’t. As for why an airport is classified as it is, well it isn’t the same on every server. The classification can’t be changed on an existing server, but if an airport’s facilities are upgraded, the change may be made on a new server if the AS team is aware of it.

OK, if the transferable is not determined by PAX demand, but airport's facilities, for me, it seems harder to measure. What parameters of airport facilities determine the transfer-ability? It is still not clear.

If the size of airport means the runway length and terminal size, then here is the comparison of TTT and TYN:


runway 2438m (I checked it from airport's webpage and also measured in google map. AS used wrong data I have reported)

terminal size 80mx50m, 17 parking slots 


runway: 3600m (I checked it from airport's webpage and also measured in google map. AS used wrong data I have reported too!)

terminal size it has two terminals, the main building is at least 200mx80m (from google map) 43 parking slots 

No matter from runway length, terminal size or parking slots, TYN > TTT, but TYN is not able to transfer while TTT can. This makes me confused.

But one topic is enough ...