Why some planes doesnt have pictures?

Like the 777-200LR. The simple 200 has a a picture, but this one isnt. Or the boeing 737 scimitars. Y tho?

These pictures you are mentioning are hand-made by a team member or someone who is doing this in his sparetime. Which means that he might not have found the time to add new pictures. 737 scimitar looks only a bit different to the non-sc version - can't you just have that picture in your head? Or open a new tab and search for a picture... :-)

Thanks mate. Well, the guy who is making these pictures are talented. They are awesome, looks just like the real plane.

It is quite some work to do - and the benefit of having another version of nearly the same plane is not huge enough to make pictures available.

I’m guessing most would be fine with just copying the picture from the similar version. Not all, I know some will nitpick, but personally I’d be fine with a similar picture instead of none.

The aircraft sheer plans have been done by various people with firstly CarlosSRD, later helios and now my friend pleurotides does a great job with them. Hopefully we will see a lot more fantastic sheer plans from pleurotides or helios. If one looks at the different sheer plans different styles can clearly be defined which is very interesting. A couple of years ago neither the A320E family nor the TU-204 had any sheer plan for some years.