Wiki pages, liveries, route maps

I’ve been looking through the wiki pages of various airlines and I am really impressed at the standards of the web pages. As I am a complete noob when it comes to writing on wiki, making grids and subsections etc; i would really appreciate it if someone could explain how to do this from scratch/ for someone who know nothing about editing wiki, or if someone could reccomend websites or even kindly offer to do it for me.

The same questions apply to the aircraft liveries and route maps, as I would love to include them in my logo or in the future, my airline’s wiki page.

So if anybody makes liveries or wiki pages advice or even favours would be extremely appreciated.

Hopefully people will read this while the little fight and controversy goes on… :rolleyes:

I also (at first) knew nothing about the wiki language. I discovered that it is the same syntax as Wikipedia uses so I just looked at a few pages and I partially learned the syntax. And well the easiest way to make the info box (this is how I did it) copy the syntax then paste it on my page then put my information. Don’t worry this will have no effect on the previous person’s info box.

It is easy to make a livery, I used Microsoft Paint to do mine. I used to have a Logo Creation Service but I decided to stop it. But if you want I’ll make ONE big and small logos for you. Just tell me you’re airline, any preferences in the logo, and location of the airline, I might want to give it your local taste. Bye.

Thanks a lot for the help and the kind favour however I already have a logo

But thanks anyway