Will AGEX go down til the end of time?

I just wonder if there will be an inflection point in this insane downwards trend that AGEX has in Croydon. If it continues like this, soon there will be no passengers to carry and no airlines flying!!

It makes the game challenging but I saw falling several of the big companies in the last weeks, so if they can´t cope, who will survive??

The fall in demand is now just plain stupid. 40% in the last 6 months is unlike anything that has occurred in the real world, ash cloud excepting. It reminds me of the banking crisis back in 2008? where the automated share dealing programs started selling and kept selling far more than a human dealer would. Needless to say these programs parameters for selling in a falling market were adjusted.

What I don’t know is if the other servers are in a similar position and how exactly AGEX works in terms of the parameters that drive it. I believe fuel is adjusted manually whether AGEX is given a weekly parameter I’d like to know.

On Stapleton it went up. Somewhere around 760-770 in the end of July and 896 now. (Thanks to the new aircraft market I’d say!)

AGEX is independent for each world, and I am afraid that us, the Croydon guys are suffering the lowest of all. I wish it will be around 800… we are roughly at 650 and keeps going down. I started to check it daily like 90 days ago and it didn´t go up more than 3 days (maybe 2-3 points) whereas it kept decreasing the rest.

It is insane! I wonder how we will survive!

One thing I am sure, the airlines that can struggle and cope with this situation, will be in great health when the good times will come (if they ever return…XD).

It will be nice to have some opinion from someone from the staff.

same with Fornebu, now we’re at 846 points compared to 772 seven days before…

It is pretty bad on croydon now, losing big airlines like we have over the last few weeks takes the fun and competition out of the game. For some of the newer guys and smaller airlines its probably becoming close to unplayable at this point. I hope it starts to go up soon or else croydon is gonna be a pretty empty gameworld before too long :(

Actually went up by 2 points today.

I think I am going to open a bottle of champaigne!! =)

I would make it a beer just in case it goes down again tomorrow.

what can drive AGEX up?

I felt this game because of agex

mate you just need to find the right route and the right service

I did until agex came along

Oh yeah its hard time right now specialy my international route suck real bad atm but my short route are almost alway full

I suspect that AGEX will work on 6 monthly cycles with small variations within each cycle.

well i hope so

Take work until agex

Croydon now is quite good for start up. Some of the biggest guys abandoned so there are many passengers willing to travel. Besides, AGEX is starting to rise little by little…

yeah its

so far i having a good start

An AGEX is playing naughty again by going down 74 points in one week, I already lost 2% of passengers compared with last week. Not that fun, I hoped that it will keep up for some more than 2 months. Last year in November it was up to 1100 points. I miss those days! hehe